Sport Psychology Unit 2 (Quiz 7)

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According to research, which of the following statements concerning spectator aggression is (are) true?

Males exhibit higher levels of aggression than females, working-class individuals are more often involved in aggressive spectator action, and small-scale, on-the-field aggressive acts serve as triggers for crowd aggression.

Research on game reasoning (also called bracketed morality) has shown that

athletes view aggressive acts that would be judged inappropriate in society in general as more appropriate in the sport environment

In the case study of Billy the hockey goalie, what did he learn?

how to be rough and tough without getting thrown out of the game

Research testing the catharsis notion of spectator aggression has shown that

Fans become more aggressive after watching violent contact sports and fans become more aggressive under the influence of alcohol

The general aggression model proposes that when aggression occurs, it will be

thought out versus impulsive

The research examining the relationship between aggression and performance supports which conclusion?

Aggression sometimes facilitates performance and sometimes does not.

The peer conflict resolution program developed to help resolve conflicts in a nonviolent way uses ________ as mediators in resolving student conflicts.

students with good leadership and communication skills

The International Society of Sport Psychology developed a position paper on aggression in sport. Which of the following statements is NOT one of their recommendations?

Let athletes decide on what punishments fit different aggressive and violent behaviors.

Which of the following is NOT one of the four most prominent theories of aggression?

reactive-instrumental aggression theory

Which of the following would be classified as an aggressive act?

punching an umpire because he made a bad call

Instrumental aggression is aggression occurring

in the quest of some nonaggressive goal

When David Stern, commissioner of the National Basketball Association, banned Latrell Sprewell for choking his coach, he stated, "A sports league does not have to accept or condone behavior that would not be tolerated in any other segment of society." In this statement Stern clearly indicated that _________ morality would not be accepted or tolerated.


Which of the following is (are) NOT among criteria for judging aggression?

It must be directed toward a human being.

Which of the following have shown the strongest relationship?

aggressive behavior and media violence

Which of the following is NOT a useful step in resolving peer conflict (especially in teenagers) in a nonviolent way?

Express thoughts but not feelings.

Which of the following is NOT an explanation put forth to explain athletes’ aggressive behavior?

They were born with an aggressive urge.

Smith’s research concerning violence in hockey showed that

many coaches, parents, and teammates accept and reinforce the modeling of aggressive acts and violence is modeled by young amateur hockey players

According to the study by Gee and Lee (2007) investigating aggressive play and hockey, it was found that

North American players exhibited more aggressive acts (i.e., penalties) than did European players

A linebacker intends to hurt and injure any receiver who catches a ball over the middle. This is an example of

reactive aggression

Most aggression in sport falls in which of the following categories?

instrumental aggression

In the case study of head football coach Tom Martinez, Coach Martinez dealt with the area of aggressive play by

setting up specific guidelines distinguishing assertive play from inappropriate aggressive play

Which of the following is NOT an aspect of the revised frustration-aggression hypothesis?

Frustration produces physical but not psychological aggression.

The general aggression model proposes that the probability of aggression increases because of

an interaction of situations and personal beliefs

According to more recent research by Anderson and Bushman, aggression ranging from instrumental to reactive should be viewed

along a continuum

In which of the following situations is aggression likely to occur?

when participants are embarrassed and when participants perceive they are the recipients of poor officiating

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