Sport Psychology Unit 2 (Quiz 10)

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Sullivan devised seven communication exercises to promote more effective communication. Athletes said they would try to practice which communication skills?

not interrupt others when they are speaking and confront issues right away

Which of the following is NOT a type of communication?

introspective communication

Which teacher and coach category(ies) of behavior can enhance communication?

clarity and confirmation

Which of the following is (are) NOT a principle of communication when setting up team meetings?

What is discussed in the meeting is open to others outside the meeting.

To enhance constructive confrontations, you should

describe your feelings and describe your thoughts about the event that concerns you

Which of the following would you suggest for expressing anger in a positive manner?

Take a time-out before speaking and try to identify your exact feelings by name.

Supportive language has which of the following characteristics?


Which of the following is (are) a main reason(s) that communication is often problematic?

Individuals perceive faulty communication to be someone else’s problem and individuals prefer two-way communication.

Proxemics is the study of how we communicate

by the way we use space

A recent article recommends assuming the perspective of the other person in order to enhance communication. This involves the use of


Which of the following is (are) a way(s) to improve active listening skills?

Mentally prepare to listen, use supportive behaviors as you listen, and employ both verbal and nonverbal listening behaviors.

Intrapersonal communication is communication with


When there is a communication breakdown, most people believe that the problem resides with

the other person

Which of the following is (are) a guideline(s) for sending effective messages?

Messages should separate fact from fiction and verbal and nonverbal messages should be congruent.

Which of the following is NOT a purpose of communication?


Supportive listening behaviors

are empathetic and remain open to new ideas

Recent research on empathy in coaches and athletes found

Coaches of individual sport teams were more accurate in predicting athlete feelings about the relationship than team sport coaches and coaches’ empathy was improved with more exposure to each athlete

Nonverbal cues are transmitted via

posture and body position

Breakdowns in communication can occur because

the receiver misinterprets the message and the messages are inconsistent

Nonverbal behaviors that communicate interest and attention include which of the following?

maintaining eye contact

Which of the following is NOT an assumption when dealing with a confrontation?

A confrontation should be viewed as a competition.

Recent research by Gano-Overway and colleagues on caring and underserved youth participating in a summer camp found that with increased caring from the coaches and counselors, underserved youth

exhibited a decrease in anti-social behavior

Nonverbal communication in sport is important, as shown by the finding that

athletes displayed more confidence when their opponents wore general sportswear

Which of the following would you NOT suggest for communicating with consistency?

Show more compassion in competition than in practices

Which of the following things should you do during a confrontation?

Communicate the problem.

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