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What are especially valuable for showing an audience statistical trends and patterns


Rosalie will be giving a persuasive speech on organ donation and wants to distribute organ donor cards to her listeners. When should she distribute the cards?

After she has finished speaking

While working on his speech, LeBron decided to use a visual showing the proportions of the US federal budget spent in four major areas, defense, entitlement programs, non-entitlement programs, and miscellaneous spending. what type of visual aid should he use?

A pie graph

if you wanted to demonstrate the comparative spending of the United States and Canada on four different kinds of social services what type of visual aid would be most affected?

A bar graph

Which of the following does your textbook mention as an advantage of using visual aids in a public speech?

A and C only

As your textbook explains, visual aids are most effective when they are displayed

Only while the speaker is discussing them

When using a visual aid in a speech, you should display the aid

Set everyone in the room can see it

A what graph is best suited for illustrating simple distribution patterns


If you were giving a speech about how to execute basic karate moves, the best kind of visual aid to use would probably be


According to your textbook, charts are especially useful as visual aids when a speaker needs to

A and C only

Zach will be using PowerPoint in a speech he is giving to the local Rotary club. According to your textbook, Zack should

A and C only

Gilian prepared beautiful photographs in PowerPoint to illustrate various parts of her speech about the Milky Way. When Gillian finished explaining each photograph, she left it on the screen for her audience to study until it was time for the next slide. Did Gillian make any mistakes in her use of her visual aids?

Yes. She should have display blank slides between the photographs

According to your textbook, visual aids are most effected when they are

Explained clearly and concisely

Jasmine plants to share video of an explosion in her speech. According to your textbook, she should

A and B only

As your textbook explains, if you plan to use a photograph as a visual aid in a speech, you should usually

Display the photograph with PowerPoint

According to your textbook, when using Visual aids in a speech you should

Practice with the aids when rehearsing the speech

Thank her speech about sailboats, Louis gave each member of her audience a detailed drawing showing the different parts of a sailboat. Did Louise follow the guidelines for visual aids presented in your textbook?

No she risked losing attention by passing out the drawing during her speech

Which of the following does your textbook recommend for preparing PowerPoint slides?

A and C only

A what graph is best suited for showing changes in statistics over time or space


Leo is planning to use visual aids for his informative speech. Which of the following recommendations will he find in your textbook?

B and C only

Which of the following does your textbook present as a guideline for preparing visual aids?

Keep visual aids simple

If the object do you want to use as a visual aid is not available, the next best option ideally is


According to your textbook, when using PowerPoint in a speech you should

Use PowerPoint only where it is needed to communicate your ideas

On the morning of his classroom speech, Jonah felt that he needed more visual interest in the speech. On his way to class, he bought poster board and marker and wrote down his main points for the audience to see. Did Robert follow the guidelines for visual aids presented in your textbook?

No. Robert should have prepared the chart ahead of time and rehearsed with it

When using fonts on the PowerPoint slide, you should usually use

None of the above

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