Some example SSD1 MOD2 questions

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What type of insurgent approach did China use in WW2?

Protracted popular war

Which of the insurgency element do the actual fighting and provide security


Focus of counterinsergency operations generally progess through 3 stages. Which stage tries to achieve stability with efforts aimed at assisting the patient through long term recovery orrestoration of health

middle stage

Which of the following is one of the elements of the security force?

Border patrol

What does the V Represent in VBBN?


Which of the following would be considered a minor component that makes up a culture?

it could be: symbol, taboos, Biases, Sanctions, Steriotypes

Which of the following is a true statement about Culture shock?

It is real and may have physical effects

Which of the following barriers typically comes in the form of body language?


Which of the following is an example of an army custom?

Don’t jump the chain of command.

When do you render the hand solute?

It could be: During the sounding of honors, Seeing uncased National Colors pass outdoors, Greeting officers of friendly foreign countries

Which of the following songs concludes all reviews, parades and honor ceremonies?

The Army song/ The army goes rolling along.

Which is a Unit tradition?

Wearing a green beret. etc.

Which of the following is one of the tough facts that leaders face in combat?

Unit members would be injured and killed

Which of the following is a common obstacle that keeps soldiers from receiving mental health assistance?

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