Sociology Unit 2- Research Methods

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Tyson is researching whether actors on prime-time television and hit movies negatively impact teenager’s body images. He is going undercover at a local high school to observe and participate with the students to better understand the world they live in. Tyson is conducting which research method?

Field research

Quincia is studying how of the lack of comprehensive sex education is affecting a small, rural town in North Dakota. She spends two months in the town, observing and interviewing the townspeople. Quincia is conducting a(n)


Kyle is collecting newspaper clippings from his grandfather about the American public’s perception of World War II. This is an example of ______.

Secondary data

What is the importance of interpretive framework?

It leads to in-depth knowledge of a participant’s social world.

Reliability is defined by the text as:

A measure of a study’s consistency that consider how likely results are to be replicated if a study is reproduced.

Which of the following is not a purpose of the American Soiological Association’s code of ethics?

To ensure the financial gain of the researchers.

Which if the following is an example of an unethical sociological research practice?

Observing study participants without their consent.

Kevin conducted a survey on whether the length of the line at a Starbucks affected how well the customers enjoyed their coffee after receiving it. Malcolm conducted the study at his local Starbucks, and found the same results. Kevin’s study had a high level of____.


The term value neutrality is defined by the text as:

A practice of remaining impartial, without bias or judgement during the course of a study and in publishing results.

Which of the following is an example of nonreactive research?

Gathering data from government officials

Miguel is doing a research paper on New York City’s Stonewall riots of 1969. He visits the scene of the riots, interviews people who were there; reads the police reports of the event, and watches video footage. Miguel is conducting a(n)

Case study

An interpretive framework can be defined as:

A sociological research approach that seeks in-depth understanding of a topic or subject through observation or interaction; this approach is not based on hypothesis testing.

A class of third graders is told that the assistant principal will be visiting their class to confirm the teacher’s reports of bad behavior. When the principal visits, the students behave perfectly. This is an example of _____.

The Hawthorne Effect

In order to better understand the sorority pledging process at their university for her sociology thesis, Carmen pledges with a popular sorority. This is an example of_____.

Participant observation

Alexis wants to research the 1960’s feminist movement. She reads articles from the time period, watches documentaries, and reads scholarly journals on the topic. What kind of research method is Alexis using?

Secondary data analysis

Which of the following is NOT an example of a sociological hypothesis?

The more CDs Jamilla buys, the less money she has in her bank account.

John wants to study whether a large number of laptops available to students at his school lead to higher grades. Choose the independent and dependent variable.

Independent variable: Number of laptops; Dependent Variable: Grades

Which of the following is not a step in the scientific method?

Receive corroboration from the field

Thomas wants to better understand the trends in literacy rates in Baltimore city over the past 50 years using Baltimore city data. What type of research method should Thomas conduct?

Secondary data analysis

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