Sociology Final Chapter 13

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A family that includes parents, children and other kin is called ________

an extended family.

A social-exchange analysis of family life is likely to consider ________

how individuals select partners who offer about as much as they do to the relationship.

A system of marriage that unites one woman with two or more men is called ________


An analysis of how religion supports the interests of a society’s elites would fall under which of the following theoretical approaches?

Social-conflict approach

Based on the text, which of the following categories of people are at greatest risk for divorce?

Young people who marry after a short courtship

Emile Durkheim pointed to three functions of religion for society. Which of the following is NOT one of them?

Fostering social conflict

Following Max Weber’s analysis of religion, we could say industrial capitalism is ________

disenchanted religion.

Following structural-functional theory, the family ________

is important enough to be called the backbone of society.

In the United States, the Amish would be an example of a ________


The U.S. Census Bureau defines the "family" as ________

people living together who are linked by birth, marriage, or adoption

Karl Marx believed that religion ________

supports social inequality.

The concept "endogamy" refers to marriage between ________

people of the same social category

What do the sacred texts of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have in common?

Support for patriarchy

Today’s baby boomers are often called the "sandwich generation" because ________

they spend time caring for both children and aging parents.

Which of the following concepts refers to the fusion of Christian principles with political activism, often Marxist in character?

Liberation theology

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