Sociology Exam 2- Quiz 7

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We colonized others within the country itself, as with slavery

One of the explanations of continued racism in America is:

Deviant and dangerous to mainstream society

According to the underclass thesis, the poor are:

Perverse Incentive

Some policy experts believe that welfare creates more problems than it solves because it discourages people from finding work. This is also known as:

The United States

Which nation has one of the highest poverty rates in the advanced world?


When the official poverty line was first set, food made up the largest percentage of household budgets. In today’s society, what now makes up the largest percentage?

They can’t get to the government offices administering food stamps during operating hours

A lot of people who are eligible for food stamps in the United States don’t apply for them. Why?

Your chance of getting a job is greatly increased

If you were unemployed and won a modest amount of money in the lottery (say, $20,000 a year), research suggests that:

Economic circumstances

Your text defines poverty as a condition of deprivation due to:

Culture of Poverty

People who are born into poverty and ultimately raise their own children in poverty learn "how" to live in poverty. They learn the norms and values associated with that particular way of life. This is known as Oscar Lewis’s:


James Rosenbaum (2000) found that the people most likely to benefit from being moved from low-income, ghetto neighborhoods were the:

Increased their commitment to work

An economist surveying lottery winners found that people who had zero earnings and who were not in the workforce before winning:

Along with the media, it gives us goals that are unreachable for most of us, thus plunging us into debt

Status consumption is discussed in the text in Chapter 7 on stratification. How does this affect poverty?


The Moving to Opportunity study didn’t answer the poverty question because which factor remained constant?

Objective analyses of statistics and economics

What method is usually used to evaluate poverty?

Aiding the poor creates more problems than it solves

What do policy experts mean by the terms perverse incentives and unintended consequences?

They hold poor people back

According to the culture of poverty theory, what happens once survival adaptations are in place?


Income-based measurements are deceptive because they hide the real influence of:


William Julius Wilson believed that there were factors other than welfare that led to a lack of inner-city job opportunities. Which of the following is NOT one of the factors?

The matrifocal family

According to Daniel Patrick Moynihan, what is the root cause of African Americans’ economic problems?

England, beginning in the late 1700’s

Attempts at establishing an absolute poverty measure can be traced to:


The definition of relative poverty takes into account which important factor when determining poverty based on a percentage of median income?

Lopsided economic rewards

According to your text, what drives American poverty rates?

Feelings of incompetence

Your text mentions outcomes that people believe stem from receiving welfare. Which of the following is NOT a result mentioned in your text?

Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act

Which program shifted more of the responsibility of running welfare programs onto individual states and mandated time limits for the number of months a person can receive aid?

The exchange of time, money and resources

As discussed with the culture of poverty theory, the adaptive practice of "swapping" is:

The system of inequality in the US originated from Europe

Your text lists several explanations for why the United States has the highest inequality of all English-speaking nations. Which of the following is NOT an explanation your text cites?

Absolute poverty

Which term describes the measurement of poverty where a household’s income falls below the necessary level to purchase food to physically sustain its members?

Provide universal day care

One strategy that might allow more women to join the workforce, as suggested by Al Gore and other leftists, would be to:

Multifamily households

Which of the following is a practice that supports the culture of poverty argument?

Discount rate

What term do economists use to describe the relative value of present consumption versus future savings?

The poverty threshold

Mollie Orshansky used the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s recommendations for the minimum amount of healthy food, estimated the cost for a variety of family types, and multiplied this figure by a factor of three to measure:

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