sociology chapter 9

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From a global perspective, economic productivity is lowest in precisely the regions where________

population increase is highest

In poor nations, poverty is________ than in the United States.

more widespread and severe

The global region in which the greatest reduction in poverty has taken place is ________


With regard to the role of rich nations, dependency theory ________

claims rich nations are to blame for global poverty.

The social theorist identified with modernization theory is ________

Max Weber

Absolute poverty is ________

life threatening

The poorest 20 percent of the global population receives about what percentage of all global income?

2 percent

According to Anti-Slavery International, about how many men, women, and children live today in conditions that amount to slavery?

20 million

About how many people in the world die each year due to hunger?

9 million

The concept of "colonialism" refers to the process by which ________

some nations enrich themselves through political and economic control of others

Which theoretical approach claims that rich nations of the world are "overdeveloped" while poor nations are "underdeveloped"?

dependency theory

According to modernization theory, the greatest barrier to economic development is ________

traditional culture

If you wanted to visit the world’s low-income nations, where would you travel?

Africa and Asia

Dependency theory differs from modernization theory by ________

making poor nations responsible for their own fate.

Of the almost 1 billion people in the world who are living at or close to absolute poverty, what percentage are women?

70 percent

High-income nations ________

make use of factories, big machinery, and advanced technology.

One criticism of dependency theory is that it ________

treats global wealth as a zero-sum so that one country benefits only at the expense of another.

Which type of slavery consists of employers holding workers by paying them too little to cover their debts?

debt bondage

What concept refers to a global economy in which multinational corporations exploit people in low-income nations?


For the world as a whole, about how many people suffer from chronic hunger that leaves them less able to work and places them at high risk of disease?

close to 1 billion

If you were applying modernization theory to the problem of global poverty, you might expect rich nations to aid the economic development of poor nations by ________

increasing industrial production

Wallerstein pointed to several factors that cause dependency among low-income nations. Which of the following is a factor that Wallerstein did NOT claim to be a cause of dependency?

Lack of integration into the world economy

According to Immanuel Wallerstein’s theory of global capitalism, which nations are at the "core" of the world economy?

High-income nations

Which type of slavery refers to one person owning another?

chattel slavery

Taken together, the sociological approaches to global poverty show us that poverty is ________

partly an issue of production and partly a political issue

If you were to apply modernization theory to the problem of global poverty, you might point that low-income nations ________

have cultural resistance to innovation.

André Gunder Frank states that poor nations ________

were "underdeveloped," or made poor, by rich nations

The concept of "neocolonialism" refers to the process by which ________

multinational corporations dominate the economy of a poor country.

Over the course of the last century, the extent of global economic inequality has ________


In poor countries, the disadvantages women face relative to men are ________

greater than in rich nations

Which world region contains the largest percentage of the world’s street children?

Latin America

According to dependency theory, poor countries have become dependent on rich nations because ________

they sell raw materials to rich nations.

In 2015, how many independent nations were there in the world?


In the world’s lowest-income nations, two in ten children born die by the age of _______


Japan, Canada, and the nations of Western Europe are all classified as ________

high-income countries

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