sociology chapter 10

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Friedrich Engels claimed that capitalism ________

increased partriarchy

On average, do women or men live longer?

On average, women outlive men by about five years.

Which concept refers to attitudes and activities that a society links to people of each sex?

gender roles

In which of the following nations does the political power of women come closest to that of men?


A majority of U.S. women in which of the following categories enter the labor force?

Married, single, and divorced women with children.

Which type of feminism seeks to end patriarchy by eliminating the idea of gender itself?

radical feminism

The "beauty myth" refers to the idea that ________

women learn to measure their personal importance in terms of physical appearance.

The point of describing gender in the Israeli kibbutzim is to show that ________

cultures define genders in different ways

Feminists do not support ________

limiting sexual freedom.

The chapter argues that gender is not just a matter of difference in behavior, but also of differences in ________

power, wealth, and privileges.

Talcott Parsons described gender in terms of ________


Men and women _______

differ physically in some limited ways.

When it comes to gender and schooling, ________

boys are more likely than girls to be diagnosed with a learning disability.

According to Janet Lever’s observations of children at play, ________

boys favor games that encourage communication and cooperation.

Engels claimed that men’s desire to control their property brought about ________

monogamous marriage.

Which type of feminism accepts the basic organization of U.S. society, but seeks to give women the same rights and opportunities as men?

liberal feminism

On average, young men show greater _______ ability than young women; young women show greater ________ ability than young men.

On average, young men show greater _______ ability than young women; young women show greater ________ ability than young men.

Throughout the life course, gender shapes ________

human feelings, thoughts, and actions.

The concept of "glass ceiling" refers to ________

the barrier that prevents women from reaching the top

When did feminism begin as a social movement in the United States?


Margaret Mead’s research on gender in three societies in New Guinea illustrates that ________

traits that are defined as feminine in one society may be masculine in another.

As of 2015, women held about what share of seats in Congress?


In his global study of how societies view gender, George Murdock found _______

many tasks that were considered masculine by some societies were viewed as feminine by others.

The concept of "comparable worth" means that ____

people should be paid according to the level of skill and responsibility involved in the work

Which type of feminism links the social disadvantages of women to the capitalist economic system?

socialist feminism

If you could end violence against women in one setting, doing so in which of setting would reduce this type of violence the most?

the home

The concept of gender refers to ________

the personal traits and social positions that members of a society attach to being female or male

Structural-functional analysis points out that industrialization encourages ________

growing gender equality

In the United States in 2013, women in the labor force working full time earned __________ to every dollar men earned.

78 cents

Based on the map and discussion in the text, in which continent do women have the lowest social standing in relation to men?

South America

Which factor has helped increase the share of women in the paid labor force over the course of the last century?

rising divorce rate

The category of the U.S. population in which women do most of the housework is ________

employed, married, people who have children

Women earn what share of all bachelor’s degrees in the United States?

57 percent

Today, women represent _________ of all students on college campuses across the United States.

57 percent

The factor which accounts for the greatest share of the difference in the earnings of working women and men in the United States is ________

the type of work men and women do

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