sociology ch.11

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human beings are all members of

a single biological species

which of the following concepts refer to a shared cultural heritage


Japanese immigrants differed from earlier Chinese immigrants by

favoring living in rural areas

which category of Asian Americans has an average income above the national average

all of these are correct

the Hispanic population of the u.s. is

concentrated in the west ,south west and southern Florida

which statement about African Americans is correct

all of the above

which of the following categories of the u.s. population is most likely to own and operate a small business

Korean Americans

the concept white ethnics refers to

non wasps of European ansestry

from which world regions do most of today u.s. immigrants come

Latin America and Asia

the killing of people in the Darfur region of Africa is an example of


native Americans gain the right to u.s. citizenship in


people who are called wasps have ancestors from which country

all of these are correct

the overall social standing of native Americans is

below the national average

Arab Americans are a u.s. Minority that

all of these are correct

the Ansestors of which of the following first settled in the Western Hemisphere

native Americans

white ethnics are non wasps of European Ansestory


predjuce and discrimination can be either positive or negative


today more people are willing to define themselves as multicultural


prejudice and discrimination can reinforce one another


segregation refers to the physical and social seperation of
categories of people


prejudice and discrimination are found in not just individuals but the operation of societies institutions


more than one third of Afrian Americans earn 48,000 or more each year


being Greek Italian or Vietnamese involves a distinct ethnicity


some white people actually have darker skin the some black people


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