SOC 111 Session 16 Quiz (Ch. 18)

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Convergence theory doesn’t necessarily require:


Reformative social movements:

target almost everyone in a society

Contagion effects often work through the influence of a leader with a lot of:



can be anyone from whom other people take cues in a given context

By the ____________ stage, a social movement has become effective in some sense and its membership base has expanded.


New technologies like the Internet and social media are major contributors to rapid social:


An accident occurs on a busy street, and a pedestrian immediately starts pulling people from cars and instructing others on what to do. This person would be an example of which collective action theory?

emergent norm

What did Tocqueville mean by "land of joiners"?

Americans are politically powerless without voluntary organizations

Crowds can spontaneously engage in collective action, but most times they do not. Such an inconsistency is not explained by ____________ theory.


You want to raise awareness about domestic abuse in a way that is the most efficient and least expensive. You might:

start a website on the Internet

One reason for the decline in the number of Americans joining associations is:

the rise of online associations

The collective action theory that emphasizes the influence of leaders in promoting particular norms is ____________ theory.

emergent norm

If your identity is a definition of who you are, then how does your affiliation with multiple groups affect it?

Your unique identity comes from the collection of groups to which you belong.

What was one of the largest American social movements that effected major social change?

the civil rights movement

According to the textbook, a social movement tends to have three stages. Which is the most fragile stage, the one at which most movements just simply fade away?


Which sociologist suggested that modernity was a time when each person was a unique combination of overlapping group affiliations?

Georg Simmel

Participating in "the wave" at a baseball game is an example of ____________ theory.


A limitation of ____________ theory is that it does not explain why one individual becomes a leader while others do not.

emergent norm

Social change:

can be caused by a variety of factors, like new ideas and technologies.

All of the following are characteristics of professional movement organizations EXCEPT when:

the membership base plays a major role.

Max Weber believed that modernity emerged from what movement?

Protestant Reformation

Imagine you are a member of Critical Mass, the cycling organization that attempts to educate the public about carbon dioxide pollution from gas vehicles. Even though this lacks the organizational structure of a professional movement, it has high levels of member participation. This would be a ____________ organization.

mass protest

The aftermath of war demonstrates how ____________ can be a major force in social change.


Which is one of the major breaks characterizing the postmoderm period and differentiating it from the modern period?

an appreciation of many different ways of knowing and understanding

How does the dialectic theory assume social change occurs?

out of conflict

A theory of collective action claiming that collective action arises because of people’s tendency to conform to the behavior of others is ____________ theory.


A building that breaks the traditional rules of architecture and borrows liberally from several genres in order to create a new and unique style is an example of:


You have identified yourself as a pet lover all your life, but your involvement with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has come and gone, depending on your workload at the time. The fact that you love pets would be a ____________ identity, but your on-again, off-again involvement with the ASPCA would be a ____________ identity.

static; dynamic

A difference between crowd collective action and mass collective action is that:

crowd collective action involves face-to-face interactions with other group members, while mass collective action can use media to tie people together.

The main problem with ____________ theory is that it treats individuals as mindless individuals following the actions of others.


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