Slavery 1.4.5 Apex US History 1

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Which plantation crop required slave labor?


What was required to make plantation cash crops a source of wealth?

Slave labor

Which of these was key to making a profit from crops such as tobacco?

Slave labor

Which colony was the first to make laws recognizing slavery?


Which colony first imported slaves in 1619?


Which colony did not allow slaver until 1751?


How did landowners explain that owning slaves was alright?

They said that people who weren’t Christians could be slaves

What was one way plantation owners defended the idea of owning slaves?

By saying that non-Christian people could be slaves

How did Virginia law support slavery?

It separated the races, treating nonwhites as less than whites

Why would a landowner rather use slaves than indentured servants?

A landowner could get more years of labor from slaves

Which of these is a reason landowners would rather have slaves than indentured servants?

Since slavery was for life, a slave provided more years of work.

Which of these is a reason plantation owners preferred to have slaves rather than indentured servants?

Teh children of slave women were slaves who didn’t need to be purchased.

Who was considered a mulatto?

A person of parents of different races

Former slaves who were released from slavery were called


Which term was used to describe someone who was no longer a slave?


I live in a colony that uses slaves on its rice plantations. Many English settlers and slaves came here from Barbados in the Caribbean. Where do I live?

South Carolina

I live in a colony where slaves are used in the important activities of the iron industry and shipbuilding. Where do I live?


I live in the colony with the largest number of slaves. Where do I live?


Which of these colonies did not allow slaver at first, but changed its law as more settlers moved in?


The slave laws of South Carolina were likely affected by the fact that:

Many of its settlers came from the Caribbean

Which of these is true about colonial settlement of the Carolina’s?

The south had many settlers from the Caribbean

Virginia laws from 1705 preventing nonwhites from gaining political office put nonwhites in the same category as:


Which of these is true about Virginia laws from 1705 that prevented nonwhites from gaining political office?

They made it easier to take away rights from nonwhites in the future.

Virginia laws created in 1705 that prevented nonwhites from gaining political office suggested that:

People of mixed race had been active in politics

A difference between English law and the laws affecting slave in Virginia was that under English law:

The social condition of a father determined that of his child.

Slave laws passed in Virginia in 1750 said that slaves were private property and:

Could be bought and sold

By the mid 1700’s slaves in Virginia were:

Private property like farm animals

How did the fact that people began living longer in the colonies affect attitudes toward labor?

It increased the value of owning slaves over hiring indentured servants

Children and grandchildren of African slaves brought to colonial America were:

Able to become indentured servants

The lesson shows that laws passed in colonial America increasingly defined social status by:


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