Skills Lesson- Creating and Using Outlines Practice

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Which of the following would best complete the missing piece of the outline?

Planning for future expenses`

All of the following are parallel in structure with "crying over the loss of my boyfriend" except

I felt so bad yesterday afternoon

Which word group shows parallelism

to type on the computer, to write in my notebook, to talk into my voice recorder

Explain the difference between alphanumeric, full-sentence, and decimal outlines.

An alphanumeric outline has Roman numerals, capitalized letters, Arabic numerals, and lowercase letters. A full-sentence outline is the same as an alphanumeric outline except that it uses full sentences. A decimal outline is similar to an alphanumeric outline except it uses decimal notation in place of the Roman numeral/capitalized letter/Arabic numeral/lowercase letter structure.

Explain the outline structure in detail, including the four characteristics of the body of an outline.

Responses may vary but should contain some or all of the following information: An outline begins with a heading that is the working thesis statement. After the heading comes the body. The body should have parallelism, coordination, subordination, and division. Parallelism is parallel structure for headings and subheadings. Coordination means that information at the same level should have the same significance. Subordination means that headings should be general, while subheadings should be more specific. Finally, division means that each heading (and subheading) should be divided into two or more parts.

Explain how to create a useful outline.

To create a useful outline, begin by developing a working thesis statement. Then, brainstorm ideas that you would like to include in your essay. Next, group related ideas together and make sure they are ordered effectively. Finally, label your ideas using main headings and subheadings.

What would complete the missing piece of the outline best?

Sacrifice of quality for convenience

What changes would you need to make to the outline to make it follow correct outline structure?

I. Cooking A. How much does it cost? B. How much time/effort does it require? C. How healthy is it? II. Cleaning A. Common areas B. Bathroom C. Clothes III. Bill-paying A. Creating a budget B. Planning for future expenses

All of the following word groups show parallelism except ________

to vacuum the house, dusting the shelves, clean and scrub

Create an outline for this thesis statement: "A teenager interested in being among the nearly 8 million teens who hold part-time employment should use the following tips to find job leads." Use the following pieces in the outline: signs, personal contacts, Internet ads, family members, employer leads, school counselor, friends, employment agencies, trusted adults.

Thesis statement: A teenager interested in being among the nearly 8 million teens who hold part-time employment should use the following tips to find job leads. I. Employer leads A. Signs B. Internet ads C. Employment agencies II. Personal contacts A. Family members B. Friends C. School counselor D. Trusted adults

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