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Which statement is NOT true about endurance training?

A. Endurance training develops the energy production systems.

B. Endurance training includes aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

C. Endurance training includes strength conditioning.

D. Endurance training develops hand-eye coordination.


The four Cs of mental commitment include all of the following EXCEPT:

A. concentration

B. contact

C. confidence

D. control


Visualization is the process of picturing the other team making mistakes so you can win.


Endurance allows for peak performances over long periods of time.


The main goal of every defense is to __________.

A. stop the ball

B. regain possession of the ball

C. protect the goal or basket

D. all of the above


Muscle control is the ability to quickly change directions and make complex movements.


Lacking hand-eye coordination can make it difficult to catch, throw, pass, or shoot.


Which of the following statements is NOT true about practice?

A. Practices begin with a warm-up.

B. Practices concentrate only on individual skills.

C. Practices include small group activities.

D. Practices often involve scrimmages.


Which of the following is NOT an important visual skill needed in sports?

A. night vision

B. eye tracking

C. visual reaction time

D. peripheral vision


Which of the following is BEST for increasing muscular strength and endurance?

A. hiking

B. gymnastics

C. weight training

D. basketball


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