Skill- Related Fitness – lifetime fitness e2020 Practice

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Explain why the wall test is best considered a coordination test.

The wall test involves throwing a ball against a wall with one hand and catching it with the opposite hand as it bounces back. It measures the ability of using different body parts in conjunction with one another. While reaction time is somewhat a factor, it is a repetitive, pattern behavior test that makes good coordination a more important factor than agility, power, or speed.

Which of the following influences on skill-related fitness cannot be applied or changed to improve fitness levels?

C. specificity

Explain the role that heredity plays in skill-related fitness

Heredity controls some aspects of inborn skill-related fitness and is described as natural ability. While these inherited traits have an impact on skill-related fitness, the extent of their influence is difficult to measure. Between practice and specific training, the components of skill-related fitness limited by heredity can still be improved.

The time it takes to move in response to a stimulus is called __________.

A. reaction time

The BEST type of test for assessing skill-related fitness depends on __________.

D. which skill is being tested

Explain how specificity plays a role in high-performance sports.

While the various components of skill-related fitness are interrelated, specific training can target particular skills for improvement. General levels of skill-related fitness are important for all sports, but some high-performance sports require a high level of fitness with a specific skill. By targeting the improvement of the particular skill required, specificity can be used to improve performance in the desired sport.

Which of the following statements BEST describes the sprint test?

C. The runner should sprint as fast as possible to the finish line.

Explain how the components of skill-related fitness are interrelated and how each is of importance.

The various components of skill-related fitness do not exist in isolation. Reaction time in a sport is also dependent upon coordination in order to react to stimuli, just like balance is important in situations relying upon high levels of agility. There is not much point in being highly agile in a sport if a player cannot stay upright through the end of the play or maneuver. These different skills are important to different degrees in different activities, so none of them can be discounted or ignored.

Explain what distinguishes agility from balance and coordination.

Agility, balance, and coordination each refer to different fitness skills. Agility refers to the ability of executing rapid changes in any direction. Balance refers to the ability of moving while remaining upright. These two skills are related, but still distinct. Dodging back-and-forth in a sports game is an example of good agility, while moving around without slipping or falling is an example of good balance. Coordination, meanwhile, is the ability of using different body parts together in concert. An example of coordination is running down the length of a football field while passing the ball to another player.

According to the presentation, skill-related fitness CANNOT be improved by __________.

A. heredity

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