Setting Healthy Goals Test

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Personal action plans should not be flexible and cannot be modified.


Which of the following tasks would least help an individual achieve a goal to safely lose weight?

buying newer, smaller clothes

Which of the following is the most important step in the process of setting goals?

devising a way to achieve the goals

The first thing a student should do when developing an action plan is __________.

clarify the goal

Which of the following would NOT be an example of a long-term goal?

run a 5k in three weeks

It is not beneficial to have an effective purpose when setting goals.


Short-term goals can be set to help achieve specific long-term goals.


Why is it important that goals be measurable?

all of the above

When creating the final version of your action plan you want to ensure that all of the following are true of your action plan EXCEPT:

all of the goals reflect the same specific topic

Once an action plan is in place, it should not be changed.


How does setting a specific timeframe in which to complete a goal increase the chances of the goal being met?

It creates accountability by establishing deadlines.

Modifying your personal action plan can impede personal fitness goals.


Which of the following is an example of a healthy short-term goal?

Eating nutritious meals

Which of the following is NOT a short-term fitness goal?

Establishing healthier nutritional habits

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