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The three types of hazards that make food unsafe

biological, chemical, and physical

Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi that cannot be seen, tasted or smelled are known as


A food handler spills sanitizer into the fryer and then lets its soak into the grease. What type of hazard is this


A food handler cleans dirty dishes using hot water and then puts them away with the rest of the clean dishes. This is an example of

poor cleaning and sanitizing

A food handler washes hands and changes gloves after prepping hamburgers and before chopping lettuce. The food handler is

practicing good personal hygeine

A food handler who was called away while prepping a bowl of fruit put the bowl of fruit in the cooler. This is an example of

controlling time and temperature

A food handler uses different cutting boards to chop raw beef and slice melons. This is an example of

preventing cross contamination

The proper order os steps of handwashing are

Wet, Apply soap, Scrub, Rinse, Dry

During the hand washing process you should scrub for

10 – 15 seconds (Washing hands for a total of 20 seconds)

Hands should be dried with

a single-use paper towel

When should hand antiseptics be used

After Handwashing

Food handlers should wash their hands before

starting work for the day

Hand washing sinks are used for…

Hand washing ONLY

A food handler places dirty pans in the hand washing sink because there is no room in the three – compartment sink. Is this acceptable?


What jewelry can food handlers wear while working

Plain metal ring

A food handler does not have time to get a clean apron before the shift starts. What should the food handler do?

Ask the manager for a clean apron

Food handlers must tell the manager when they have what symptom


Pathogens grow well in what temperature range

41 degrees F – 135 degrees F

Which of the following foods needs time and temperature control? can of corn, fried chicken breast, container of salt, bag of flour

fried chicken breast

before use a thermometer must be

washed, rinsed and sanitized

where should a food handler check the temperature of food?

In the thickest part

Cold foods must be kept at

41 degrees F or lower

If a pot of soup registers 139 degrees on the thermometer is it safe to serve?

Yes, the temperature is within the correct range (135 degrees F or over)

How do you label ready to eat foods that have been prepped?

name of food; and use by date

If a food is labelled "Fish: use by today" what should you do?

Do not use the fish and tell the manager

the transfer of pathogens from one surface to another is known as

cross – contamination

Can you hold utensils by the part that touches the food


A food handler is in a hurry and cannot find the ice scoop, but needs to refill a guest drink. What should he do?


Where should a cleaning/sanitizing towel be stored when not being used?

In a cleaning/sanitizer solution (bucket)

If you suspect that juice from raw ground beef has dripped onto strawberries, what should you do?

set the strawberries aside and ask the manager what to do

If you suspect that a food item has been contaminated, what should you do?

Label it, set it aside, and notify the manager

3 most common food allergies

eggs, peanuts, shellfish

If a customer is served a dairy product and is allergic to dairy but did not tell the server until being served, what should the server do?

Prep a new dessert by placing a different dessert on a cleaned and sanitized plate and then serve it

surfaces that touch food must be

cleaned and sanitized

cleaning and sanitizing food contact surfaces helps reduce

pathogens on the surface to safe levels

what must be stored away form all food


how do you that a sanitizer will work well?

use a test kit to make sure the sanitizer is the right strength

Where should you clean a garbage can?

outside the operation

If you notice signs of pest infestation when should you tell the manager

right away

Droppings that look like grains of black pepper are a sign of


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