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165 degrees, minimum internal cooking temp.

TCS food cooked in a microwave (eggs, poultry, fish and meat)

155 degrees for 15 sec, minimum internal cooking temp.

Ground meat (beef, pork, and other meat)

165 degrees for 15 sec., minimum internal cooking temp.

Poultry ( whole or ground duck, chicken or turkey)

135 degrees, minimum internal cooking temp.

commercially processed ready-to-eat food (hot held for service)

145 degrees for 15 sec. min. internal cooking temp.

pork, beef, veal, lamb, steaks/ chops

145 degrees for 4 min., min internal cooking temp

Roasts (pork, beef, veal, lamb)

165 degrees for 15 sec.

minimum internal cooking temp. for stuffing and stuffed meat, fish, poultry, pasta

155 degrees for 15 sec.

minimum internal cooking temp. for injected meat(including brined ham and flavor- injected roasts)

145 degrees for 15 sec

minimum internal cooking temp. for Seafood including, fish, shellfish, and crustaceans.

145 degrees for 15 sec

minimum internal cooking temp. for shell eggs for immediate service


The process of gradually thawing frozen food in preparation for deep-frying, allowing even heating during cooking.

food additives

nitrates, nitrites and sulfites, to preserve food

minimum internal temperature

The only way to reduce microorganisms in food to safe levels is to cook it to this.

ice-water bath

Method of cooling food in which a container holding hot food is placed in a sink or container of ice water.

ice paddle

Plastic paddle filed with ice or water and then frozen.

Acceptable Methods for Thawing Food

Thaw in Frig. at product temp. of 41 or lower, place food under running water at a temp of 70 or lower, thaw in microwave and cook immediately afterward, thaw food as part of the cooking process.

proper cooling of TCS food

first, cool food from 135 to 70 degrees within two hrs. then cool it to 41 degrees or lower in the next four hours.

products cooked in a microwave that must be heated to 165 degrees.

Eggs, poultry. seafood and meat

Commercially processed, ready-to-eat food that will be hot held for service must be cooked to a minimum internal temp of

135 degrees

typically used to cool large amounts of food.

blast chiller

Methods to cool food properly.

Place food in an ice-water bath, stirring with an ice paddle, placing food in a blast chiller or tumble chiller,adding ice or cold water as an ingredient.

previously cooked, TCS food reheated for hot holding must be reheated to this internal temp.

165 degrees for fifteen seconds within two hours.

175 degrees for one minute

automatic iced tea equipment, tea leaves should remain in contact with water (temp and time)

175 degrees for approx. 5 minutes

minimum temp and time using traditional steeping method for making tea.

minimum internal temperature when cooking fruit, vegetables, grains and legumes for hot holding

135 degrees


ostrich, emu, and rhea

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