SERE 100.2 Level A Code of Conduct

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The first personnel recovery (PR) task is _____________. This task activates the execution portion of the PR system.


When using a visual signal to support your recovery efforts, guidelines to follow include. (Select all that apply)

Size Ratio

Which of the following actions are appropriate for treating a wound?

Clean the wound with an antiseptic Apply a clean dressing If infected, apply a warm compress 3 – 4 times a day All of the above

According to Article V of the Code of Conduct, which of the following topic are you authorized to discuss in all captivity situations? (Select all that apply)

The health and welfare of fellow captives Your health and welfare

What should you focus on in your communications to the captor?

– Innocent circumstances leading to capture – Health and Welfare

In the event of isolation during operations other than war, the reasons to delay contact with legitimate authorities include. (Select all that apply)

Gain situational awareness Contact friendly forces

Which of the following are elements of the COLDER principle? (Select all that apply)

Repair clothing as necessary Keep clothing dry Keep clean Wear clothing loose and layered

If held in captivity you must remember to give no information or take part in any action which might be harmful to your comrades. This is an example of _____________ under Article IV of the Code of Conduct.

keeping faith

What is the acronym for the actions you should take to gain and maintain your situational awareness?

PAID-E (Perceive, Analyze, Interpret, Decide, Execute)

What escape planning factors can facilitate or hinder your escape. (Select all that apply)

Tools required for an escape Barriers outside of your holding facility Welfare of other captivities

Which evasion aids can assist you with making contact with the local population? (Select all that apply)

Cultural Smart Cards Pointee-Talkee

What are appropriate means for leaving evidence of presence? (Select all that apply)

Fingerprints DNA Notes

Which Code of Conduct article articulates the emotional connection between the Service member and the concept of sacrifice, as a requirement for honorable military service?

article 1

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