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<b>True</b> or False?

Digital signatures actually only show that the public key labeled as belonging to the person was used to encrypt the digital signature.

True or <b>False</b>?

Digital certificates cannot be used to identify objects other than users.

<b>True</b> or False?

Public keys can be stored by embedding them within digital certificates while private keys can be stored on the user’s local system.

<b>True</b> or False?

The Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) protocol ensures IPsec’s confidentiality.

True or <b>False</b>?

The vulnerability discovered in IPsec in early 2014 was nicknamed Heartbleed due to an issue with a heartbeat extension in the protocol.


What type of cryptographic algorithm can be used to ensure the integrity of a file’s contents?

Symmetric encryption

Private encryption

<b>Asymmetric encryption</b>

Elliptic encryption

Using what mechanism below can the non-repudiation of an email and its content be enforced?

Registration Authority

Delegation Authority

<b>Certification Authority</b>

Participation Authority

Select below the term that is used to describe a trusted third-party agency that is responsible for issuing digital certificates:

<b>Registration Authority</b>

Certificate Authority

Repudiation Authority

Intermediate Authority

What is the name for an organization that receives, authenticates, and processes certificate revocation requests?

Private digital

<b>Personal digital</b>

Public digital

Server digital

What kind of certificate is typically used by an individual to secure e-mail transmissions?

Personal digital

Public digital

Private digital

<b>Server digital</b>

Select below the type of certificate that is often issued from a server to a client with the purpose of ensuring the authenticity of the server:

Class 1
<b>Class 2</b>
Class 3
Class 4

A sensitive connection between a client and a web server uses what class of certificate?

<b>Public key infrastructure</b>

Network key infrastructure

Private key infrastructure

Shared key infrastructure

A framework for all of the entries involved in digital certificates for digital certificate management is known as:

web of

When two individuals trust each other because of the trust that exists between the individuals and a separate entity, what type of trust has been established?

third-party trust

related trust

managed trust

<b>distributed trust</b>

Because of the limitations of a hierarchical trust model, what type of trust model is used for CAs on the Internet?

<b>bridge trust</b>

distributed trust

third-party trust

transitive trust

What type of trust model has a single CA that acts as a facilitator to interconnect all other CAs?

<b>Certificate practice statement (CPS)</b>

Certificate policy (CP)

Lifecycle policy (LP)

Access policy (AP)

A document that describes in detail how a CA uses and manages certificates, as well as how end users register for a digital certificate, is known as?


At what stage can a certificate no longer be used for any type of authentication?

<b>Key escrow</b>

Key destruction

Key renewal

Key management

The process by which keys are managed by a third party, such as a trusted CA, is known as?


What protocol, developed by Netscape in 1994, is designed to create an encrypted data path between a client and server that could be used on any platform or operating system?


What cryptographic transport algorithm is considered to be significantly more secure than SSL?


What protocol below supports two encryption modes: transport and tunnel

TLS 3.0

The Authentication Header (AH) protocol is a part of what encryption protocol suite below?

Why is IPsec considered to be a transparent security protocol?

IPsec packets can be viewed by anyone IPsec is designed to not require modifications of programs, or additional training, or additional client setup IPsec’s design and packet header contents are open-sourced technologies IPsec uses the Transparent Encryption (TE) algorithm


Select below the secure alternative to the telnet protocol:


SSL and TLS keys of what length are generally considered to be strong?

<b>Match the following terms to the appropriate definitions.</b>

1. Bridge trust model 2. Certificate Authority (CA) 3. Certificate Repository 4. Digital Certificate 5. Distributed trust model 6. Key escrow 7. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) 8. Session keys 9. Third-party trust 10. Trust model 1 A trust model with one CA that acts as a facilitator to interconnect all other CAs. 9 A trust model in whcih two individuals trust each other because each individual trusts a third party. 5 A trust model that has multiple CAs that sign digital certificates. 8 Symmetric keys to encrypt and decrypt information exchanged during a handshake session between a web browser and web server. 3 A publicly accessible centralized directory of digital certificates that can be used to view the status of a digital certificate. 4 A technology used to associate a user’s identity to a public key, in which the user’s public key is digitally signed by a trusted third party. 6 A process in which keys are managed by a third party, such as a trusted CA 10 The type of trust relationship that can exist between individuals or entities. 7 A framework for managing all of the entities involved in creating, storing, distributing, and revoking digital certificates. 2 A trusted third-party agency that is responsible for issuing digital certificates.

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