Security Awareness Chapter 6

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procedures based on a mathematical formula used to encrypt and decrypt the data

asymmetric cryptographic algorithm

cryptography that uses two mathematically related keys


data that has been encrypted


unencrypted data


the science of transforming information into a secure form so that unauthorized persons cannot access it

data broker

organization that aggregates user data and then sells it to interested third parties


the process of changing ciphertext in to plaintext

digital certificate

a technology used to associate a user’s identity to a public key and that has been "digitally signed" by a trusted third party


the unique digital fingerprint created by a one-way hash algorithm

digital signature

an electronic verification of the sender


the process of changing plaintext into ciphertext


an algorithm that creates a unique digital fingerprint


a mathematical value entered in to a cryptographic algorithm to produce encrypted data


the process of proving that a user performed an action


cleartext data that is to be encrypted and decrypted by a cryptographic algorithm


the state or condition of being free from public attention to the degree that the user chooses

private key

an asymmetric encryption key that does have to be protected

private key cryptography

cryptography algorithms that use a single key to encrypt and decrypt a message

public key

an asymmetric encryption key that does not have to be protected

public key cryptography

cryptography that uses two mathematically related keys


hiding the existence of data within another type of file

symmetric cryptographic algorithm

encryption that uses a single key to encrypt and decrypt a message

Each of the following is true about privacy EXCEPT:

Today individuals can achieve any level of privacy that is desired

Which of the following is not a risk associated with the use of private data?

devices being infected with malware

Which of the following is not an issue raised regarding how private data is gathered and used?

By law, all encrypted data must contain a "backdoor" entry point

___ hides the existence of the data


What is ciphertext?

Encrypted data

Which of the following is "one-way" so that its contents cannot be used to reveal the original set of data?


What is data called that is to be encrypted by inputting it into a cryptographic algorithm?


Which of these is NOT a basic security protection for information that cryptography can provide?

risk loss

The areas of a file in which stegography can hide data include all of the following EXCEPT ___

the directory structure of the file system

Proving that a user sent an email message is known as ____


A(n) ___ is not decrypted but is only used for comparison purposes


Which of these is NOT a characteristic of the secure hash algorithm?

Collisions should be rare

How many keys are used in asymmetric cryptography?


Which of these is not a method for encryption through software?

encrypt using a separate hardware computer chip

If Bob wants to send a secure message to Alice using an asymmetric cryptographic algorithm, which key does he use to encrypt the message?

Alice’s public key

A digital signature can provide each of the following benefits EXCEPT ___

verifying the receiver

What is the most important advantage of hardware encryption over software encryption?

Software that performs encryption can be subject to attacks

Which of the following appears in the web browser when you are connected to a secure website that is using a digital certificate?


Which of the following is NOT a privacy best practice?

Carry your social security number with you so that it cannot be stolen when you are not home

Each of these is a responsibilitiy of an organization regarding user private data EXCEPT:

keep personal info for no longer than 365 days

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