Science Chapter 12

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Ocean currents can affect climate. One major downwelling specifically responsible for keeping Europe warmer than it would otherwise be is known as ________________.

North Atlantic Deep Water

When a water-bearing porous layer of rock, sand, or gravel is trapped between upper and lower layers of less permeable substances, it is _______.

an aquifer

Which of these is characteristic of the photic zone of a freshwater biome?

A.the presence of algae
B.relatively cool wate
C.relatively stable water temperatu

B.the presence of algae

The benthic zone of aquatic environments is defined as the _____.

substrate at the bottom of the body of water

The _____ biome is the largest of Earth’s biomes.


A(n) _____ is a region where fresh water and salt water mix.


What type of farming has led to the destruction of mangroves?

shrimp farming

Why are coral considered mutualistically symbiotic organisms?

Because coral reefs are a combination of an animal and an algae.

Which coastal habitat is a mixing place of fresh and saltwater?


What is the direct cause of death for the aquatic animals during eutrophication?

a loss of dissolved oxygen in the water

About how long have wastewater treatment plants been in existence?

120 years

Which of the following diseases has been all but eliminated from the United States because of wastewater treatment plants?


You accidentally flush your cell phone. Where will it most likely be found at a wastewater treatment facility?

bar screen

Where does settling of solids occur at a wastewater treatment facility?


What does the Kanapaha Wastewater Treatment Facility use to disinfect the treated water?


Which of the following products of a wastewater treatment facility is often put on farm fields as a fertilizer?


What does the Murphree Water Treatment Plant use to disinfect the water?


What federal agency regulates the bottled water industry?

Food and Drug Administration

Which of the following is considered to be the safest drinking water source?

the groundwater

What is the next frontier in the drinking water industry?


Once a groundwater supply is contaminated with marine water, how long will it remain contaminated?


What are the two types of aquifers?

confined and unconfined

You want to maintain a healthy pond at your school site. Last year another pond became eutrophic; to avoid that, you want to ________.

avoid increasing phosphorus runoff into the limnetic zone

Upwelling ________.

brings benthic nutrients to the ocean surface promoting high primary productivity

Overpumping groundwater in coastal areas can cause ________ to move into aquifers, making the water undrinkable.

salt water

Salt marshes are ________ ecosystems, while mangroves are ________.

temperate intertidal; found on tropical shorelines

The rapid melting of Greenland’s ice cap could disrupt the NADW formation by ________.

adding huge amounts of less dense fresh water to the surface of the system

Currently, the greatest ecological crisis facing marine food webs is ________.



Composed of the organic sloids collected during the wastewater treatment process.


Where solids screened from raw sewage are typically diposed at


consume smal partilces of organic matter in aercation basins


when wastewater sits in tanks, allowing solids to sink to the bottom and greaes and oils to rise o the surface

Chorine is used

In the final step of the treatment process or ultraviolet light is used

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