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Which of the following is responsible for regulating noise pollution?

A. state and local authorities

Give an overview of four different symptoms in the human body that are caused by air pollution.

Air pollution can cause increased asthma, difficulty breathing, wheezing, and reduced oxygen to vital organs.

When soil becomes contaminated with __________, children can begin to show health issues.

C. lead

Describe the process by which an environmental protection act is created and enforced.

Before a protection act is created, the US Congress must first pass a law to allow its creation. From there, the Environmental Protection Agency creates appropriate regulations for enforcement by state and local authorities.

Toxic waste spills are a direct source of water pollution.


Discuss two different ways that our soil can become polluted.

Soil can be polluted by exposure to polluted water sources, exposure to solid waste, mining operations, and pesticide/herbicide use.

Name the three pollutants that have decreased the most since 1990.

Lead, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide have decreased the most since 1990.

Explain how the methods involved in "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Compost" can help to control solid waste.

"Reduce" means the reduction or elimination of product packaging. "Reuse" asks that we try to reuse packaging and other materials several times before disposal. "Recycle" refers to extracting useful materials from discarded items and creating new products or uses for them. "Compost" involves the conversion of organic materials into fertilizers.

Air quality is important to both human health and overall environmental quality.


Explain how nitrogen oxides are produced and their environmental impact.

Nitrogen oxides are produced by the combustion engines in vehicles. Their effect on the environment includes both acid rain and smog.

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