Sadlier Vocab Workshop Level G Unit 1 Completing the Sentence

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some of the episodes in the series were wonderfully fresh and original; others were just plain ______


i don’t object to the inclusion of anecdotes in a serious lecture, but they should at the very least be _______ to the subject


there is nothing wrong with ______ the great singers of the last as long as you eventually develop a style that is all your own


when the temperature outside dropped suddenly, the muddy water in the ditch _____ into a mass of icy sludge


the purpose of military ____ remains the same whether cavalry or helicopters are used: to learn as much as possible about the enemy


in any crisis, the longer a person _____, the greater danger is likely to become


in spite of his size, he was so _____ that we tended to forget he was even in the room


the novel contains an interesting study of a miser’s _____ lust for gold and its evil effects on those around him


by whose authority did you _______ to yourself the right how the club money would be spent?


she received housing vouchers and food stamps as a result of the government’s _______


students who seek high grades must learn to ___ the joys of that one-eyed monster, the television


"there is now need for you to ____ the point," i replied, " when i already understand clearly what your criticism is


as a result of recent research, earlier theories about the origin of the universe are no longer ______


I doubt very much that he can ______ his assertion that he won two gold medals in the 1956 olympics


in my opinion, there is absolutely no justification for making such ______ distinctions between the two types of product


your essay would be a great deal tighter and more _______ if you removed all the extraneous information it now contains


how can we "meet them halfway" when they are so _____ in their opposition to what we propose to do?


even the most severe critics showered _____ on the young writer for the remarkable narrative power of her first novel


never having any money in one’s pockets can be a real trial for someone born with the ______ instincts of a pack rat


despite the ______ and nit-picking of the few petty minds, I feel we have a substantially improved out local school system of late


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