Romeo and Juliet- Study Guide Questions and Answers

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Prologue: In what city does this play take place?

Verona, Italy

Prologue: Why are Romeo and Juliet called "Star-cross’d lovers" ?

They are not destined to be together

Act 1 scene 1: Who is fighting at the beginning of the first scene?

Sampson, Gregory, Abram, and Balthazar( servants of the Capulets and the Montagues)

Act 1 scene 1: Who tries to break up the fighting?


Act 1 scene 1: What threat does the Prince make to Lord Montague and Lord Capulet?

That the next person to start a public brawl will be put to death

Act 1 scene 1: Benolio and Montaguue describe the way Romeo has been acting. What do they say about him?

Gloomy, cries a lot, not talking, seclusive

Act 1 scene 1: Why is Romeo so sad?

He has unrequited love

Act 1 scene 1: What is Benvolio’s advice to Romeo?

To move and find a new girl

Act 1 scene 2: Why does Capulet think it will be easy for Montague and him to keep the peace?

Because they are both old and tired

Act 1 scene 2: What does Paris ask of Capulet?

Juliet’s hand in marriage

Act 1 scene 2: What is Capulet’s first answer?

No, she is too young

Act 1 scene 2: A bit later Capulet appears to change his mind about Paris’s question. What does he tell Paris?

Paris must win her heart and Juliet must agree. Then he will marry them

Act 1 scene 2: What is the name of the woman Romeo loves?


Act 1 scene 2: What do Romeo and Benvolio decide to do?

Go to the party

Act 1 scene 3: How old is Juliet and when is her birthdate?

13 about to be 14, and Lammas Eve at night

Act 1 scene 3: When Lady Capulet asks Juliet how she feels about the marriage, what is Juliet’s answer?

Its an honor she dreams not of

Act 1 scene 4: According to Mercutio, who or what is Queen Mab, and what does she do?

She is a small fairy that gives dreams to men wherever she lands

Act 1 scene 5: What does Romeo think of Juliet when he firsts sees her?

That he "has not seen true beauty till this night"

Act 1 scene 5: How does Tybalt recognize Romeo?

By his voice

Act 1 scene 5: How does Romeo find out about Juliet’s name?

He asks the Nurse and she tells him

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