Risks of Sexually Transmitted Infections

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After testing positive for an STI, it is important to contact all past sexual partners so they can also be tested.


Which of the following statements about first sexual intercourse is TRUE?

Young people who participate in first sexual intercourse before age 14 are significantly more likely to have more sexual partners throughout their lives.

Which of the following is NOT a way to transmit STIs?

Sharing a dinner utensil

There are significantly more STIs today than there were thirty years ago.


Most STIs are merely an inconvenience, leaving little to no trace after treatment.


Medication for STIs only need to be taken until the symptoms go away.


When taking medication, you should always __________.

Tell your doctor about other medication you may be taking

Which of the following is a TRUE statement about the risk of getting an STI as a teen?

Teens are more vulnerable to contracting an STI because their bodies are less developed than adults

Which of the following activities can spread an STI?

Sharing needles

Which of the following statements is TRUE if both partners are infected with an STI?

It is important to abstain from having sex during treatment to prevent reinfections.

Provider referral, self-referral, and contract referral are three strategies used to inform past partners of possible STI infection.


Which of the following is a common misperception about STI transmission?

All STIs can only be transmitted through intercourse.

What is the BEST way for a person to determine if he or she is infected with an STI?

Getting tested at a clinic

People aged 15 to 24 account for __________ of all people infected by STIs.

NOT More than a quarter

Why is drinking alcohol considered a high-risk behavior in contracting an STI?

Alcohol intoxication can affect a person’s decision-making ability and lower inhibitions. These factors put one at greater risk of engaging in high-risk sexual encounters, which, in turn, may lead to sexually transmitted infections.

Some STIs can be transmitted through a handshake.


Name two resources for coping available to a person infected with an STI.

In addition to general practitioners, family, and friends, there are clinics, charities, and agencies that specialize in providing counseling for individuals with STIs.

An STI can be transmitted through any type of sexual contact, not just intercourse.


Why can’t most STIs be transmitted through casual contact with people or contaminated objects?

Most germs that cause STIs die quickly once they have left the human body. Objects like eating utensils, toilet seats, and swimming pools are generally safe under usual circumstances.

Name three practices proven to be effective in lowering the risk of becoming infected with an STI.

Abstinence, monogamy, regular testing for infection, avoiding drugs and alcohol, waiting until an older age to become sexually active, using protection, and open communication with partners are all practices proven to be effective in lowering the risk of becoming infected with an STI.

When it comes to transmitting STIs, it is not important how many sexual partners you have had, as long as the sex was protected.


Which of the following is effective protection against STIs?

Latex condoms

Which of the following is NOT a reason why STIs spread so quickly?

Protection used during sex usually fails.

Name the steps one should take after testing positive for an STI.

Seeking medical treatment, completing the full course of medications, getting follow-up tests, avoiding all sexual activity while being treated, and notifying all past sexual partners are the steps one should take after testing positive for an STI.

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