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A degenerative bone disease characterized by porous bones is


Which stage of the Kübler-Ross model is a person in who attempts to negotiate with a higher power to remain alive?


Gerontology explores the reasons for aging and the ways in which people cope with and adapt to this process.


The cultural practice of waiting a year after the death of a spouse to begin dating is an example of


Successful aging involves all of the following EXCEPT

refusing to accept physical, emotional, and social changes associated with growing older.

Cathy, age 45, has developed a few wrinkles on her forehead and "crow’s feet" around her eyes. This is primarily due to

the effects of facial expressions over time.

Osteoporosis would most likely result in

a wrist fracture as the result of a fall.

The loss or deprivation experienced by a person when a loved one dies is known as


Progressive brain impairments that interfere with memory and normal intellectual functioning are


The life expectancy of a child born in 2011 is 20 years longer than that of a child born in 1900.


Which of the following statements about Alzheimer’s disease is NOT true?

If caught early, its progression can be stopped.

Which of the following is the LEAST likely effect of the baby boomer generation aging?

It could eliminate ethical and moral questions about the impact of aging on society.

Many older people engage in regular sexual activity.


The decline of the body’s vital functions that results in death is


Justin’s Aunt Martha was told by her doctor that she has abnormal cells in her left lung. Since she is a nonsmoker and has had minimal exposure to carcinogens, her doctor believes that her condition is related to which theory of aging?

Genetic mutation

All of the following changes occur to the heart and lungs as a result of aging EXCEPT

stroke volume increases.

Which of the following statements is NOT accurate concerning the drug use of the elderly?

Many elderly people use illicit drugs.

Amy’s Uncle Joe has developed kidney failure that his doctor says is due to the kidney cells being at the end of their reproductive cycle. This is an example of which theory of aging?


Nutrients considered especially important for healthy aging include

calcium, vitamin D, and protein.

Lawrence is frustrated because his vision is no longer sharp enough to do crossword puzzles. He probably has

macular degeneration.

The genetic mutation theory attributes aging to the decline of the body’s immunological system.


Exercise throughout life can prevent much of the decline in heart and lung function typically seen with aging.


To complete the grief work process, a person first must set a time limit for each of the stages to be completed.


Monica was president of the local chapter of Future Business Leaders of America during her senior year. After Monica was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymphoma, her classmates stopped talking about their career plans in front of her. Monica was experiencing

social death

A document that stipulates a person’s wishes about medical care that is used to make treatment decisions when the individual becomes unable to communicate his or her preferences is a(n)

advance directive

The idea that jogging will cause an older person’s bones and joints to degenerate more quickly is an example of which theory of aging?


Henry was killed in an automobile accident. After his death, his family discovered that he had no will. Henry

was intestate.

All of the following are ways to help a grieving friend EXCEPT

avoiding talking about the person who died or mentioning their name.

Julia is 74 years old. Over the last several years, she has begun salting her food more than she used to. The reason for this is that

she has lost taste buds and the ones she has left have atrophied.

Which of the following is TRUE about hospice care?

It provides care for a terminally ill patient and his or her family.

Withholding life-prolonging treatments and allowing a terminally ill patient to die naturally is

passive euthanasia.

A woman who miscarries early in her pregnancy may experience disenfranchised grief.


Which stage of the Kübler-Ross model is a person in who becomes enraged about having to face death?


A bone condition that is a major cause of disability in the United States is


Mattie was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 67. If she is like the average Alzheimer’s disease patient, she will probably live to about


Which stage of the Kübler-Ross model is a person in who is weak and tired and has arrived at a place of being ready for death?


All of the following are strategies for healthy aging EXCEPT

developing a strong sense of social independence.

An emotional reaction to a significant loss is


Katie is a researcher who studies factors that influence aging and how individuals cope with the aging process. Katie works in the field of


Most older people end up living in a nursing home.


What percentage of American couples between the ages of 55 and 70 engage in sexual activity?

Correct 50%

People 65 and older make up what percentage of the U.S. population?

Correct Around 13 percent

Anger is a normal part of the grief process.


Which stage of the Kübler-Ross model is a person in who intellectually knows that he or she must face death but is emotionally stuck in a state of disbelief?


Thanatology is the study of life after death.


Your 80-year-old aunt lives in an independent-living retirement center. She still has a very sharp memory. All of the following probably apply to her EXCEPT she

has never exercised and prefers to spend all of her time alone.

Phillip was involved in a car crash and placed on a respirator. After his family had the respirator removed, he was nonresponsive, with no reflexes and a flat EEG. These vital signs indicate Phillip has experienced

brain death

Which of the following is TRUE about the elderly and alcohol abuse?

Most older adults who consume alcohol are social drinkers.

Which of the following is NOT one of the psychological stages of dying according to the Kübler-Ross model?


Care that focuses on relieving the pain and symptoms of a serious illness to improve quality of life for patients and families is

palliative care

According to Worden’s model, the grief work process includes four developmental tasks that a person must complete to cope with the situation and move on with his or her life.


Miles is 75 and he has been diagnosed with glaucoma. What must he do to keep this problem from worsening?

Use special eye drops in his eyes to relieve pressure in the eye

The permanent cessation of all of the body’s vital functions is the definition of


Which of the following statements is accurate about urinary incontinence?

Incontinence can lead to other problems such as tissue irritation and infections.

All of the following individuals would be at an increased risk for osteoporosis EXCEPT a(n)

obese man.

Jessica’s grandmother has frequent urinary tract infections, which her doctor attributes to an inability of her body to recognize and fight the bacteria that causes it. This is an example of which theory of aging?


Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia.


Jean’s hearing has diminished over the years. She probably has the most difficulty hearing

the cheerleaders’ cheers at the basketball game.

One of the most common forms of progressive dementia that interferes with memory and normal intellectual functioning is

Alzheimer’s disease.

All of the following sexual changes occur in aging men EXCEPT

extended duration of orgasm.

Which stage of the Kübler-Ross model is a person in who has an overriding sense of doom and worthlessness?


Funeral rituals

are found in all cultures.

The study of death and dying is


Among elderly persons, disorientation caused by drug interactions may at first be confused with which more serious condition?


Menopause may make sexual activity less pleasurable for women.


Your grandfather is having blurred vision in his right eye due to clouding of the lens associated with aging. To improve his vision, he would need which type of surgery?


After his stroke at the age of 80, Austin now has urinary incontinence, meaning he has

less control over urination.

Which of the following BEST describes facial changes related to aging?

The nose becomes wider and longer.

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