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If a woman has a urinary tract infection and takes a pregnancy test, a false positive may result.


The surgical procedure that involves removal of the uterus is a


Outercourse is 100 percent effective against STIs.


Which assisted reproductive technology process involves the fertilization of a woman’s egg outside of her body and the transfer of the fertilized egg to her uterus?

In vitro fertilization

Preconception health involves all of the following EXCEPT

avoiding food containing folic acid.

Overseas adoptions cost less than domestic adoptions.


Which type of female birth control involves the use of synthetic estrogen and/or progestin?


Which of the following is a female sterilization procedure that involves tying off or cauterizing certain structures of the reproductive system?

Tubal ligation

Which U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1973 gave women the legal right to an abortion?

Roe v. Wade

The fluid-filled, protective pouch surrounding the fetus is the

amniotic sac.

The network of blood vessels that provides nourishment to the fetus is the


Medication abortion using "the abortion pill" has fewer steps than the simplest surgical method.


Many men are reluctant to have a vasectomy because of the

fear of decreased sexual performance.

Which of the following statements is TRUE about NuvaRing?

It exposes the user to a lower dose of estrogen than the combination pill.

Which diagnostic procedure is a maternal blood test that can detect the potential for a birth defect or genetic abnormality?

Triple marker screen

One advantage of the female condom is that it can be used multiple times.


One in four new mothers experience postpartum depression.



can identify genetic abnormalities present in the fetus.

Which form of contraception involves implanting a small object in a woman’s uterus?

Intrauterine device

A rise in a woman’s basal body temperature signals

that ovulation has occurred.


create a physical and chemical barrier to sperm.

Which of the following is NOT true about the FemCap cervical cap?

It must be kept in place at least 10 hours after intercourse.

Choosing if and when to have children is a great responsibility.


The typical use failure rate for a contraception method takes into account which of the following?

Human error

Surgical abortions in the first trimester are typically done by

suction curettage.

An infection during pregnancy that can cause blindness or hearing disorders in the infant is


All spermicides are effective in preventing sexually transmitted infections.


The abortion method known as "partial birth abortion" is illegal in the United States.


Leaving a diaphragm, tampon, or cervical cap in for an extended period of time increases the risk for

toxic shock syndrome.

Fertility is a person’s ability to


Alcohol is considered a teratogenic substance.


The sponge is inconvenient because it requires a trip to the doctor for fitting.


A birth defect caused by the mother’s alcohol intake during pregnancy is


Which of the following is TRUE about the third trimester of pregnancy?

The fetus must get large amounts of calcium, iron, and nitrogen from the food the mother consumes.

Which of the following is TRUE about preeclampsia?

Family history of preeclampsia on the man’s or woman’s side is a risk factor.

When a pregnant woman’s water breaks, what is actually happening is

the amniotic sac breaks.

Sterilization has become the leading method of contraception for women of all ages.


A false negative pregnancy test may result from

taking the pregnancy test too early in the pregnancy.

Which of the following circumstances can cause a miscarriage?

Maternal infection or hormone imbalance

To ensure its effectiveness, the BEST place to store a condom would be

in a bathroom storage drawer away from sharp objects.

Which of the following is TRUE about sterilization?

Sterilization is a permanent form of birth control achieved through surgical means.

The transition stage of birth is characterized by

the baby’s head moving into the birth canal.

Fertility drugs

increase the chances of multiple births.

Fertility awareness methods of birth control include all of the following EXCEPT


The fertilization of an ovum by a sperm is


Overseas adoptions can make it easier for Americans to adopt an infant rather than an older child.


Diaphragms can typically be purchased over the counter wherever condoms are sold.


A surgical sterilization procedure that involves cutting the vas deferens is a(n)


Oral contraceptive pills are

more than 99 percent effective at preventing pregnancy if used correctly.

Drugs, chemicals, and radiation that can cause birth defects are known as


Which of the following procedures performed during pregnancy can determine the size and position of the fetus and detect birth defects in the central nervous and digestive systems?


When a fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus, usually in a fallopian tube, this causes which dangerous condition?

Ectopic pregnancy

Which of the following lubricants is safe to use with a condom?

Water-based lubricant

A cause of infertility in which uterine tissue is implanted outside the uterus and blocks the fallopian tubes is


Which of the following is TRUE about nutrition and exercise during pregnancy?

Exercise can be beneficial, but the woman should consult with her physician first

Jade is pregnant. During a regular medical check-up, her physician discusses alcohol consumption. The physician will likely advise that she

abstain from alcohol during pregnancy

Which of the following is NOT true about male condoms?

They can be used with baby oil and body lotions as lubricants.

A fetus is the term used to describe an embryo as of

the third month of pregnancy.

The first widely used birth control method for women was

the diaphragm.

By federal law, when can women elect to have an abortion without legal restrictions?

In the first trimester

Male infertility problems account for around 20 percent of infertility cases.


During her pregnancy, Emily should avoid all of the following EXCEPT


A primary advantage of the contraceptive sponge is that

it does not require a fitting from a doctor.

Cesarean sections are performed for all of the following reasons EXCEPT

if the mother has diabetes.

Which form of hormonal birth control works transdermally?

Ortho Evra

In a confidential adoption

the birth parents and adoptive parents do not know each other.

Male condoms were invented during the 19th century.


The difference between surgical and medication abortions is that

medication abortions are performed without entering the uterus.

A three-month segment of a pregnancy during which certain developmental changes occur in the embryo or fetus is a


Which of the following is NOT true about male infertility?

Male infertility problems account for only 10 percent of infertility cases.


offers long-term protection from pregnancy.

Which form of birth control is injected every three months to remain effective?


A birth defect that occurs more frequently in babies born to mothers over the age of 35 is

Down syndrome.

Which of the following is NOT an example of a barrier method of birth control?

Oral contraceptives

Which of the following is TRUE about teratogenic effects?

These effects can be caused by environmental chemical exposure.Gestational surrogacy occurs when

Gestational surrogacy occurs when

a woman carries another person’s pregnancy to term.

Substances designed to kill sperm are known as


Adoption may be a good alternative in all the following cases EXCEPT

a couple wants to become parents right away.

Which of the following is TRUE about emergency contraceptive pills?

One brand is now available over-the-counter with no age restrictions.

The relatively ineffective method of birth control, known as coitus interruptus, is the

withdrawal method.

Breast-fed infants

have a decreased incidence of illness.

During pregnancy, a woman could increase her folic acid intake by eating

dark leafy greens, citrus fruits, and beans.

Which form of birth control involves alteration of sexual behavior during certain times of the month?

Fertility awareness

The most common cause of female infertility in the United States is

polycystic ovary syndrome.

The various methods used to prevent pregnancy are known as


Women who use oral contraceptives and also smoke are at a higher risk of

blood clots and hypertension.

Postpartum depression

is characterized by fatigue, depression, and mood swings

To reduce the risk of her child having spina bifida, a pregnant woman should consume an adequate amount of which nutrient?

Folic acid

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