Renaissance Period Assessment

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The following excerpt is an example of Renaissance a cappella choral music.
(player 7:19)


Motets composed in the Middle Ages were easy to confuse with ones composed during the Renaissance because they sounded so similar.


Two important composers from the Renaissance period were:

Desprez and Palestrina

Despite advances in other areas, Renaissance harmony and polyphony remained restricted to the music rules that governed most of the Medieval period.


Which of the following is a composition for the vihuela?
(player 1:58)

Example B

The following excerpt features characteristics of polyphonic texture.
(player 1:38)


The following excerpt has smooth melodies that imitate one another on entrances.
(player 3:42)


Which of the following events occurred in America during the time period known as the Renaissance?

Columbus discovered "The New World."

The following composition, featuring 40 voices, was written by:
(player 12:15)

Thomas Tallis

This instrument, which was very popular during the Renaissance, is called a:


According to the text, the Renaissance period was known as:

The Golden Age of Choral Music

The following example is played on an instrument that was very popular during the Renaissance. That instrument is the:
(player :37)


Which of the following was NOT a popular form during the Renaissance period?


The following excerpt is an example of Renaissance a cappella choral music.
(player 3:13)


Venit ad Petrum was often used as the cantus firmus for the mass.


The following example was composed by a musician whose career exemplifies the dominance of composers from Northern France and the Netherlands during the Renaissance.
(player 5:37)

Josquin Desprez

Renaissance artists didn’t really care very much if their works appealed to the public at large; they were more concerned about the "purity" of their music.


Concentration on vocal music during the Renaissance period meant that instrumental music continued to be used as mere accompaniment for voices.


This is an excerpt from a:
(player :25)


This example is:
(player :25)

From a Renaissance composition having its roots in folk songs

One difference between a Renaissance Mass and a motet is:

A Mass is always based on a specific text that is part of the liturgy of a given day.

The composer of this selection is:
(player 10:26)

Jacob Obrecht

The Renaissance was the Golden Age of:

Choral composition for small ensembles

What element of the musical style of the following piece indicates that it is from the Renaissance period rather than the Medieval period?
(player :27)

It features imitation that goes through all the voices

The Renaissance period saw inventions and developments that:

Changed the physical and intellectual landscape of Europe.

Which time period is generally considered the Renaissance period?

1450 – 1600

During the Renaissance, what was the name composers gave to the original chant used as the basis for the main melody in a composition?

Cantus firmus

The following excerpt features characteristics of polyphonic texture.
(player 4:32)


The following excerpt has smooth melodies that imitate one another on entrances.
(player 5:37)


Which of the following selections is an example of a Renaissance consort?
(player 1:30)

Excerpt D

The Renaissance madrigal was a sacred music form used to convey the meanings behind the poems on which they were based.


Which of the following is not part of the Ordinary of the Catholic Mass?


The Renaissance may be described as an age in which:

Individualism, humanism, and secular values started to flourish once again.

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