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Over time, the spoils system developed into a

political machine system.

Political machines were criticized because they

placed unqualified people in public office.

In 1887, Congress passed which of the following pieces of legislation to regulate railroads?

the Interstate Commerce Act

The reforms of the early 1900s were called "progressive" because

they represented forward thinking about political changes.

How did the railroads respond to state governments’ legislation during the Gilded Age?

Railroad companies challenged the new laws in the courts.

Why were political machines difficult to break up?

They created a cycle of favors for votes.

Which reform measure could voters use to approve an amendment to their state constitution?

a referendum

Which of the following did the Sherman Antitrust Act make illegal in 1890?

trusts and monopolies

The Sherman Antitrust Act was difficult to support in court because its

definition of monopolies was not clear.

In the late 1800s, political machines remained in power mostly by trading money and favors for


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