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Why did the artist use a tenebristic technique of the Baroque period in the painting above?

b. to emphasize the notion of the mind

What is gleaning?

b. gathering leftover grain

How does the painting above clearly represent Realism?

c. the honest and striking expressions of the subjects

Who painted the image above?

(people sitting in rows of seats, like on a bus)

d. Honore Daumier

Which of the following best describes the subject matter of the Realism period?

d. all of the above (unvarnished truth, the working class, subjects that were previously not considered worthy of portrayal in art)

Prior to 1848, monumental canvasses were reserved for _________________.

c. heroic subjects and pictures of the powerful

How did art change in the mid 19th century?

b. There was a new belief that art should record the life of everyday people.

Who painted the image above?

(a crowd of people, most wearing black & a white dog)

b. Gustave Courbet

Which artist made the following quote regarding the painting above?

b. Gustave Courbet

Who painted the image above?

(A man in the middle that looks like he is thinking & 3 men on the bottom right that are leaning over a bunch of papers)

c. Thomas Eakins

Which of the following was a controversial issue concerning the painting above?

d. all of the above (It presents death as a mere physical fact, The artist placed all of the figures in rows in the picture plan, It is a monumental picture that depicts a funeral for an unnamed ordinary subject)

Why were Realist artists drawn to their subject matter?

b. They wanted to record the life of everyday people and everyday activities.

Based on your knowledge of Realism, which of the following scenes would a Realist artist most likely want to paint?

b. a single mother with her children on the subway

Why was the painting above not well received?

b. Critics felt the artist was attempting to rekindle socialist ideals.

Which of the following sentences correctly uses the term "gleaning"?

Not A Not B Not Gleaning was used by beggars on Parisian streetcars. (c)

Which of the following was not a common Impressionist theme?

d. mythology

Monet painted over _______ views of the facade of Rouen Cathedral.

c. 30

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