Reagan and the Evil Empire

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What did US intervention in the Middle East have in common with US intervention in Latin America?

Both interventions were about stopping the spread of Communism.

The nickname for President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative was

"Star Wars."

A reason for conflict in the Middle East during President Reagan’s administration was

political changes caused by religious differences.

President Reagan’s use of the term evil empire referred to

the USSR.

What did President Reagan’s approach to the Cold War reveal about his foreign-policy strategy?

He wanted to work for peace from a position of military strength.

In 1987, President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev signed the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, which

improved US-Soviet relations through the reduction of arms.

Middle Eastern terrorists targeted the United States because

the United States intervened in Middle Eastern politics.

President Reagan believed the spread of Communism in Latin America was directly due to


Which led to an increase in Cold War tensions between the US and the USSR in 1983?

a breakdown in arms-control negotiations

After his election in 1980, which action did President Reagan take in regard to the USSR?

He increased defense spending.

Which best describes the connection between Iran and Nicaragua during the mid-1980s?

Profits from arms sold to Iran were used to fund the Contras in Nicaragua.

President Reagan’s plans for the Strategic Defense Initiative

pressured the USSR into building a similar system.

What did US involvement in Nicaragua reveal about the Reagan administration?

It was willing to operate outside the law to achieve its goals.

In response to a terrorist attack in West Germany in 1986, the United States bombed targets in which country?


Which statement best describes how terrorism affects US foreign policy in the Middle East?

The United States supports Israel in spite of terrorist attacks.

Conflicts over religious differences and oil supplies in the Middle East

affect American foreign policy today.

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