Rapid Regulatory Compliance- Clinical II

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______________ protect healthcare workers from exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

Standard Precautions

The CDC recommends that people ______________ when their hands are visibly soiled.

wash their hands with soap and water

On wet floors, the safest way to walk is to _____________.

make wide turns at corners

The Joint Commission expects hospitals to implement practices to prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAI). One important practice is _________________.

proper hand hygiene

_______________ exposure to radiation can increase the risk of cancer.


Latex allergies are more common in people who _______________.

have food allergies

To keep a strong, healthy back, a best practice is to ______________________.

sleep on the back or the side

Which practice is the safest way to sit at a desk while typing on the computer?

Keep the knees and hips at 90-degree angles and the wrists straight.

Which of the following is a part of Contact Precautions?

Patients are isolated in private rooms or cohorted.

What is a safety data sheet (SDS)?

A document that lists the specific hazards of a chemical

____________ have hazard communication duties.

Manufacturers, employers, and employees

A fellow employee is frustrated and tense after a difficult morning. Your best reaction is to ____________.

acknowledge frustration and help resolve the problem

An Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) includes ___________________.

staff responsibilities

The projectile effect is a hazard in a(n) __________________?

MRI field

To prevent patients from electrical shock or injury, the best practice is to ____________.

place all equipment at a distance from the patient

The most common type of healthcare-associated infection (HAI) is a/an _______________.

UTI from a catheter

What is a good strategy for helping to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance?

Using vaccines to prevent infection.

The R in RACE stands for __________________________.

Remove or Rescue

Lifting or transferring patients is ___________________________.

a risk for back injury; avoid manual lifting

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