Ralph Waldo Emerson

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What attitude toward the stars does Emerson express in the first paragraph of Chapter I of Nature?

He feels they represent awe-inspiring beauty.

Which statement best summarizes the final two paragraphs of Chapter I of Nature?

The power in nature that one perceives is due both to nature and to one’s own intelligence.

How is the concept of solitude portrayed in both Society and Solitude and Chapter I of Nature?

Solitude is viewed as a source of strength.

Which statement best describes how the tone of Society and Solitude is different from the tone of Chapter I of Nature?

Society and Solitude has a contemplative tone, while Nature has a more lyrical and whimsical tone.

Which best summarizes the role of conversation expressed in Society and Solitude?

Conversation has the power to either affirm or destroy the connections between people.

How does the relationship between "man and vegetable" described in paragraph five of Chapter I of Nature support the piece’s central idea?

It suggests that the relationship between humans and nature is mystical but also unquestionable.

How does Emerson relate independence and friendships in Society and Solitude?

He feels that independence can strengthen friendships.

Which statement would be included in a summary of the first paragraph of Chapter I of Nature?

The stars at night are beautiful but sometimes unappreciated.

Which best states how the concept of trust is portrayed in Chapter I of Nature and in Society and Solitude?

Nature implies suspicion of others but does not state it, while Society and Solitude states directly that suspicion of others is natural.

Which best describes Emerson’s argument in this excerpt?

In order to balance society and solitude, one must maintain both independence and sympathy for others.

According to the third paragraph of Chapter I of Nature, how does Emerson define the poet’s view of nature?

The poet sees something in nature that cannot be quantified.

When Emerson states, "It by no means follows that we are not fit for society, because soirees are tedious," in Society and Solitude, how does he support his statement?

He suggests that a person has one conception of one’s self when in a group and another when with just one other person.

How is the concept of friendship portrayed in both Society and Solitude and Chapter I of Nature?

Friendship is considered to be valuable but not necessarily vital.

Which sentence from Nature best supports Emerson’s claim?

The sun illuminates only the eye of the man, but shines into the eye and the heart of the child.

Which statement would be included in a summary of paragraph one of Society and Solitude?

Solitude is an inner concept rather than an outward one.

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