Race and Ethnicity

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Which phrase best describes Miss Rivers Lodge?

A health care experiment at Tuskegee University

What is a group of people with inherited physical characteristics that distinguish it from another group?

A race

The massacre of Native Americans in the 1800’s, the extermination of the Jews in Nazi Germany, and the slaughter of the Tutis in Rwanda are all examples of


The systematic annihilation or attempt of annihilation of a people based on their presumed race or ethnicity is called


As described in the text, what are the two myths of race?

One race is superior to another; pure race exist

How did the 2000 US Census instruct Americans to classify themselves in relation to race?

Respondents can choose one or more races they consider themselves to be.

Who is the best known "Cablinasian"?

Tiger Woods

Ashley Montagu, a physical anthropologist, classified humans into —– different racial groups.


While race might reflect our biological heritage —– reflects our cultural heritage.


Which statement is most accurate regarding the meaning of race?

Race varies, depending upon the society in which its meaning is constructed.

What term did Louis Wirth use to define groups of people who are singled out for unequal treatment and who regard themselves as objects of collective discrimination?

Minority Group

In society which group has the greatest power, privileges, and social status?

The dominant group

Based on the text book what are two ways a group becomes a minority?

the expansion of political boundaries and migration

Tony Pascualucci often wears a shirt that says "kid me, I am Italian". He flies the Italian flag in his US home, greets people by saying "buongiorno" and is known for making the best lasagna in the valley. In view of this, which phrase best describes Tony’s behavior?

Tony is exercising the concept of ethnic work

For the last five years Sara has been trying to recover her ethnic heritage by tracing her family line. This attempt to trace her family line is an example of?

ethnic work

Which of the following food choices is an best illustrates the belief that America is a diverse nation?

A stew

What is the tern used to describe an attitude that the virtues of a group, such as all Asian Americans being brilliant or all African American being great athletes?

Positive Prejudice

The belief held by many African Americans that lighter skinned African Americans woman are more attractive than those with darker skin is referred to as —

The internalization of the norms of the dominant group

Prejudice describes —— while discrimination describes ——

attitudes : actions

Sam a bartender that served in Vietnam, refuses tho serve Asians in his bar because he believes that Asians have no business living in the US. Sams actions describe ——

Prejudice and discrimination

What is an Implicit Association Test?

It is a visual perception test that links race to a desirable and undesirable words

What did Ezikiel suggest as the reasons why some people are attracted to racist hate groups?

Hate groups provide some people with a type of meaning in their lives.

Pedro a legal immigrant from Mexico, and George, a white male whose family has been in America for several generations, have each applied for a car loan at the local bank. Pedros loan was turned down while George was granted the loan. In comparing their credit history both men had good credit and everything was comparable. This is an example of —— against Pedro.

Institutional discrimination

Based on the most recent research, why are race and ethnicity often factors in medical decisions that favor treatment for patients?

Researchers do not know for sure why race and ethnicity are factors in medical decisions

John recently received his semester grades and found he failed two courses. He says the reason he failed the two courses is that they were taught by female professors. John believes that women are really not smart enough to teach at the college level. In this example, the female professors are —–

scapegoats and being blamed for Johns grades

Who developed the theory of prejudice that addresses frustration levels and scapegoats?

John Dollard

According to Adorno, a(n) —– is a person who is prejudice and ranks high on scales of conformity, intolerance, insecurity, respect for authority, and submissiveness to superiors.

Authoritarian personality

Who was the theorist who concluded that highly prejudice people are actually insecure conformist?

Theodor Adorno

The group of society made up of the unemployed who can be put to work during times of high production and then laid off when they are no longer needed is called——

a reserved labor force

——- refers to seeing certain features of a situation while ignoring others, and the use of labels to group individual members as if they were alike.

Selective perception

The native american were to the white Americans settlers as the —— were to the Dutch settlers of South Africa


When and executioner wears a hood he is separating his true identity (the man without a hood) from the one carrying outh the execution. Such behavior is part of an effort to separate ones feelings from one’s acts.


Under czarist Russia, daily living conditions for Jews were made so intolerable that millions chose to leave Russia and migrate to other countries. This is an example of?

indirect transfer

When Bosnian Serbs practices ethnic cleansing of the Muslim population during the 1900s, the employed a combination of …..-

population transfer and genocide

Slavery and apartheid are both examples of the ways in which a countries dominant group exploits minority groups for its economic advantage. What do sociologist call this policy?

Internal colonialism

The relocation of american indians to reservations and the transfer of Japanese descent to internment camps during World War II are examples of

direct transfer

Of the following, the most extreme example of internal colonialism is —–


When the native americans were pacified by the military in the late 1800’s they were forced to learn the English language, dress like the white man, renounce their religion, and give up their customs. This was a classic example of ?

Forced assimilation

Switzerland is made up of four separate ethnic groups that have kept their own languages but are peacefully united politically and economically. This pattern of intergroup relations is an example of —-


What is another name for multiculturalism?


What is a chicano?

an American form Mexico

TO which ethnic heritage do more caucasians in America trace their roots than any other?


What is the largest minority group today in the US today?


What state has the highest percentage of minorities?


In American history who were the white ethnics?

They were immigrants from europe whose language and other customs differed from the original White Anglo Saxon Protestants `

What is the total number of Latinos in the US including the official tally as well as the estimated of those in the US illegally?

53 million

The 1896 Supreme Court ruling approved that "deperate but equal" accommodations for blacks and whites as a reasonable use of state power was —–

Plessy v. Ferguson

The practice the South employed after the Civil War to segregate blacks from whites was called?

Jim Crow Law

The sense that better conditions are soon to follow which, if unfulfilled, increases frustration, is called?

rising expectations

The sociologist who argued that social class has become the most significant factor in the lives of African Americans in todays US society was?

William Julius Wilson

Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, any Asian was viewed as an enemy of America. This phenomenon that occurs when one ethnic group that resembles another is also discriminated against because of association is called?

spillover bigotry

Of all the ethnic groups, in which group are children most likely to grow up with two parents and least likely to be born to a single mother?

Asian American

——- are often referred to as the "invisible minority."

Native Americans

What did proposition 209, a 1996 amendment to the California constitution, address?

It banned preference to minorities and women in hiring, promotion, and college admissions.

What was the Michigan amendment to its state constitution that made it illegal for public institutions of any kind to consider race or sex in college admissions, hiring decisions, or awarding of contracts?

Proposition 2

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