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The Hayflick limit is a natural limit to the

number of times a cell can divide

B cells defend the body against invaders by

producing antibodies against bacteria and viruses

Individuals who practice calorie restriction as a method of slowing down the aging process consume about ____ calories/day

1,000 calories per day

At thickening of the lens of the eye, causing vision to become cloudy, opaque and distorted is called


Geriatrics refers to the

medical specialty devoted to old age

The term ageism refers to

judging people on the basis of chronological age

The very ends of chromosomes in cells that may be correlated with longevity are known as


The number of years an average newborn of a given species lives is the

average life expectancy

Which senses become less sharp in late adulthood?

smell, taste, hearing, vision, touch, smell

Primary and secondary aging combine to make major body systems


Now that Hank is 75, he uses selective optomization with compensation while driving. For example, he:
a. drives fast to get home as soon as possible to avoid accidents
b. relies only on rearview and side mirrors so he won’t hurt his neck turning his head
c. only drives at night when fewer cars are on the road
d. travels familiar routes

d. travels familiar routes**

Many illnesses are most likely to be fatal to the elderly because

their immune systems are less efficient

Sam is 70 years of age. He will probably
a. refuse to wear glasses, especially bifocals
b. be eager to get a hearing aid when his hearing begins to fail
c. resist getting a hearing aid when he needs one
d. view vision problems as more serios than hearing losses

c. resist getting a hearing aid when he needs one*

Vitamins A, C, and E are all


The term ‘free radicals’ refers to

electrons that are unattached to their nuclei

Ageism is more insidious when concerning the elderly than the young because

attitudes and policies diminish their health, activity,and social interactions

Limiting the time a person spends being ill or inform is referred to as

compressino of morbidity

Which is true about th emuscles of older individuals?

Muscle loss around the vertebrae can cause weakness and fracture risk

In late adulthood, body fat is most likely to collect in the


Primary aging refers to age-related changes that

inevitably take place as time goes by

The effects of disease, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise on brain function in older adults are examples of

secondary aging

One function of working memory is

temporary storage of information for conscious use

Research on wisdom finds that

a minority of adults are wise

The most common cause of dementia is

Alzherimer’s disease

If asked about the effects of memory loss on their daily lives, most of them

don’t consider memory loss to be a significant handicap

Abraham Maslow maintains that older adults are

more likely than younger people to reach self-actualization

Parkinson’s disease produces dementia as well as

rigidity in the muscles

The overall slowdown in cognitive abilities in the days or months before death is referred to as

terminal decline

Audrey is 85 years old and had begun a life review. Her primary reason for doing this is probably to

put her life into perspective

An elderly man is diagnosed with a serious disease and the doctor recommends a treatment plan. Compared to a younger man, the man is more likely to

accept the doctors recommendations

Explicit memory

involves words, data, and concepts

Joan suffered a ministroke that left her mildly impaired.Much to her delight and her family’s delight what is her likely prognosis?

she will most likely have other strokes; the first was a warning.

Dementia is

the pathological loss of brain functioning

Implicit memory

involves habits and routines

Storage mechanisms, retrieval strategies, selective attentino, and logical analysis are all

control processes

The first stage of Alzheimer’s disease is char. by

absentmindedness about recent events

In Schaie’s Seattly Longitudinal Study the cognitive decline of late adulthood was most evident in

processing speed

Seeing which of the following words made older adults perform worse than younger age groups on cognitive tests?


The primary reason older people receive less input into their brains is that

their senses decline, reducing the sensory input

Loss of working memory is particularly likely to affect the ability to

repeat a series of numbers just heard

In late adulthood, as measured by traditional tests of intelligence

cognitive abilities decline

When Schaie tested adults on all 5 primary mental abilities, the average scores after age 60

showed significant decline

In Schaie’s Seattle Longitudinal Study, cognitive decline was most evident in

spatial orientation

In later life, variability in intellectual ability from person to person is

even greater than in earlier years

Which of the following memory components show the most decline with age?


Explicit memory/ implicit memory

words, data, concepts/ habits and routines

A study of professionals found that significant production was most likely to peak at older ages for those in

history and philosophy

Storage mechanisms, retrieval strategies, selective attention, and logical analysis are examples of

control processes

Remembering one item makes it quicker and easier to remember other items is called


Physiologically the brain in late adulthood

develops more extensive connections between neurons

An elderly person wants to prevent cognitive losses

Recommend taking some classes

The first stage of Alzheimer’s is characterized by

absentmindedness about recent events

Normal memory loss in late adulthood

benign senescent forgetfulness

Multi-infarct dementia may be prevented by

regular physical exercise

Which is NOT a sub cortical dementia?
a. multiple sclerosis
b. Parkinson’s disease
c. Huntington’s disease
d. Pick’s disease

d. Pick’s disease

Which of the following diseases can produce dementia?
b. TB
c. pneumonia
d. sickle-cell anemia


Elderly men may be more troubled by losing a spouse than elderly women are because men

are less likely to seek out comfort and help

COmpared to single older adults, the married elderly tend to be

happier and wealthier

Self-actualization refers to

reaching one’s full potential

The elderly benefit most from volunteering

when they can become an integral part of the organization

If neuroticism, the most worrisome of the Big Five traits remains high in older adulthood, the worry and anxiety associated with it could contribute to

cognitive impairment

Which is an ADL?


What is an IADL?

grocery shopping

Which of the following is true of selective optomization with compensation?

it involves older adults figuring out how to accomplish what they want despite their limitations

Which is a true statement about familyl caregivers of the frail elderly?

Dementia greatly increases the burden of caring

The style of grandparenting that generally brings the most satisfaction to middle-aged individuals is the ___ role

(remote, traidiationa, involved, c___)


WHen older Americans move, they are most likely to move


After losing a spouse, older women typically

enoy their independence, choosing not to remarry

Erikson called the final crisis of development

integrity vs despair

Mrs. Bronson has been recently widowed. Compared to a widower, she

probably anticipated her widowhood

Who is most likely to be healthiest and happiest at age 70?
a. Annette, who is living with her husband
b. Carly who is a widow and did not remarry
Susan, who is divorced and lives with her grandmother
d. Ian, who never married and lives alone

a. Annette, living with her husband

The notion that ethnic discrimination and racism shape experiences and attitudes is the view of which theory?

minority race theory

THe most controversial version of social stratification theory is


According to identity theory, the ideal way for old people to cope with the effects of aging on their identity is

a. balance assimilation and accomodation

Self theories emphasize

the core self

That older men suffer more lineliness than women is evident in statistics of suicide rate. Men over the age of 65 have suicide rates that are

8x as high as womens

The function of the hospice is to

allow people to die in peace

Hospica care is expensive because
a. labor-intensive
b. elaborate facilities
c. medication is expensive
d. high-tech equip

a. labor-intensive

The mdical profession may deprive the elderly of a good death by

trying to prolong life by extraordinary measures

With advances in medical technology over the past several years

participation in hospice has increased

Which of the following is an example of passive euthanasia?

a doctor doesn’t resuscitate a patient who stops breathing

Which may hinder the healing and affirmatino of the bereaved?

inadequate grief, not having the deceased’s body in a specific location, autopsies

In most African traditions, death provides

an occasion for affirmation of the entire community

According to Kubler-Ross, the first stage of dying is


James, age 50, is terminally ill. He is primarily focused on

leaving something undone

Researchers who have subsequently investigated Kubler-Ross’s stages have

rarely found the same stages occuring in sequence

The goal of palliative care is to

relieve patients from pain and suffering

Estelle’s husband was flying a small plane when it suddposedly crashed in a heavily wooded mountainside. His body was never recovered. Most likely, Estelle experienced

incomplete grief

The phenomenon that medication relieving pain also hastens death is called

double effect

In the Jewish tradition, death is dealt with by


The study of death and dying


A DNR order

allows a natural death

The period in the life span where death is less feared is


Document indicating what medical interventions somoene wants if incapable of expressing wishes

living will

Sense of loss following a death


expressing grief over death in ways designed by religions and culture


Exclusion from a loved one’s memorial service cold result in

disenfranchised grief

Never recovering th ebody of a loved one could result in

incomplete grief

1. Researchers have found that people’s approach to death typically occurs in the five stages outlined by Kübler-Ross.


2. The mourning process is important in helping vulnerable grief-stricken individuals from committing self-destructive acts.
A) True
B) False


3. Passive euthanasia is legal everywhere.
A) True
B) False


Recent trends that have contributed to making a good death more likely than a bad death include honest conversation, the hospice, and palliative care.
A) True
B) False


5. In some cases, it may be appropriate for the bereaved to refuse to visit the grave, light a candle, cherish a memento, pray, or sob.
A) True
B) False


7. Mourning customs are designed by various cultures to channel grief toward affirmation of life.
A) True
B) False


Physician-assisted suicide is used extensively in the Netherlands.
A) True
B) False


9. Robert barely survived a horrendous car crash. As he lay on the road close to death, he said he was surrounded by a white light and felt joy and peace. He was experiencing pain delirium.
A) True
B) False

False- Near death experence

10. A bereaved person may develop a deeper appreciation of human relationships.
A) True
B) False


11. According to Kübler-Ross, the final stage of dying is depression.
A) True
B) False


12. Some people avoid hospice because of its finality. They want to keep hope alive.
A) True
B) False


Due to advanced medical technology, the number of patients in hospice has been dramatically reduced over the past seven years.
A) True
B) False


14. Bereavement tends to be a short-term process.
A) True
B) False


Prolonging the lives of terminally ill people by extraordinary measures may deprive them of the opportunity of a good death


Open-ended interviews with severely ill people who had immigrated to Canada from India found that the longer they were in Canada, the less important India and Hinduism became as they thought about death.


17. Kübler-Ross found that most dying patients were apathetic about talking about their condition.


18. The double effect is considered unethical and is illegal in the United States.
A) True
B) False


Mourning is more private than grief.


Medical directives in living wills are always followed by hospital staff


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