Quiz- Ch. 19

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When an area is experiencing several consecutive days of rather constant weather, it is probably ___________.

air-mass weather

An air mass from the Gulf of Mexico is labeled ____________.


A cT air mass is ___________.

warm and dry

An mP air mass is ___________.

cold and humid

The air masses that have the greatest influence on weather conditions in the Midwestern United States are:

cP and mT

This air mass may produce an occasional "northeaster" in the winter.


This air mass often originates as a different air mass in Siberia and is subsequently altered


This air mass is the source of much of the moisture for precipitation in the central and eastern United States


If you were 200 kilometers ahead of the surface position of a warm front, you would find the frontal surface at a height of ________ km overhead.


On a weather map, ___________ fronts are shown by a line with triangular points on one side.


After the center of a mature wave cyclone passes, you should expect ________.

barometric pressure to rise

"Rain long foretold, long last; short notice, soon past." The first five words of this weather proverb _________________.

refer to a warm front

On a weather map, _________ fronts are shown by a line with semicircles extending from one side.


If an observer sees cirrus clouds, followed later by cirrostratus, and then altostratus, he or she is witnessing the approach of a(n) ____________________ front.


A wind shift from south or southwest to northwest is commonly associated with the passage of a ________ front.


Which of the following is considered to be boundary between two different air masses?
+ warm front
+ cold front
+ both warm front and cold front

both warm front and cold front

Usually ________ fronts produce several hours of moderate-to-gentle precipitation over a large region.


When an active cold front overtakes a warm front _________.

an occluded front forms

Cold fronts and warm fronts in the middle latitudes are often associated with a _________.
a) hurricane
b) middle-latitude cyclone
c) low pressure
d) both b and c

both b and c

Which of the following should have the steepest pressure gradiant?
+ tornado
+ middle- latitude cyclone
+ hurricane
+ all of should have equally steep presssure gradients


Which one of the following statements is NOT true of tornadoes?
+ occur most frequently in the spring of the year
+ usually occur along the warm front of a mid-latitude cyclone
+ most common in the Midwest or Great Plains

usually occur along the warm front of a mid-latitude cyclone

In the Northern Hempishere, tornadoes are most frequent during the ________.

April-June period

Tornadoes most often move TOWARDS what direction?


Typhoon is another name for a ______________.


When a hurricane moves onto land, it declines in intensity. Which of the factors listed below contribute to this loss of punch?
+ friction
+ lack of warm, moist air
+ heating from below by the land surface
+ both a and b

both a and b

The eye of the hurricane is ________.

warmer than the rest of the storm

Hurricanes generally are _______.
+larger than tornadoes
+ larger than mid-latitude cyclones
+areas of heavy rainfall and strong winds
+ all of these

all of these

The precipitation associated with a warm front typically arrives ______ the actual frontal boundary.

considerably ahead of

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