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The indigenous religion of Japan is an ancient form of nature and ancestor worship called


In the evolution of Buddhist architecture, early burial mounds led to the Indian


Sexual ecstasy as a metaphor for divine love is found in what religion?


A ziggurat, such as the one at Ur, Iraq, is a

base for a temple

Stonehenge is best described as an example of

post-and-lintel (post-and-beam) construction

Nebamun hunting birds is an appropriate funerary subject in Egyptian art because it shows the deceased engaged in a seasonal activity (like a calendar)


The ‘Shang Dynasty ritual vessel’ incorporates

a taotie mask

The ‘male torso from Harappa’ is best described as


The Pyramids of Giza can be symbolically associated with

the rays of the sun

One of the characteristics of Egyptian art is that it changes very little over the course time


The Olmec are described as the __________ culture of the ancient Americas, and the ‘Olmec head’ is wearing __________; the ‘Olmec head’ probably served as a ______________.

parent/a ball helmet/guardian figure

The ‘funerary mask of Mycenae’ is from a warring culture associated culturally with whom?


‘Senmut with Princess Nefrua’ is a block statue that probably attempts to validate the significant role of the Senmut in the female pharoah’s household


The ‘Cycladic folded arm figure’ is associated with the prehistoric cultures of


The ‘Warka vase’ can be associated with the theocratic communal ritual of bringing all resources up the ziggurat to the temple, and offering it to the god


The ‘Head of an Akkadian ruler’ represents the mythological god of thunder


The ‘Palette of King Narmer’ shows

The unification of upper and lower Egypt

‘Menkaure and his wife’ is an example of lively, spontaneous movement


The ‘Law Code of Hammurabi’ includes a depiction of the god in order to

validate the king’s right to rule

The ‘Bull-headed lyre from Ur’ shows animals engaged in human-like (anthropomorphic) activities


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