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Why would a summarized static route be configured on a router?

to reduce the size of the routing table

Refer to the exhibit. Which set of commands will configure static routes that will allow the Park and the Alta routers to a) forward packets to each LAN and b) direct all other traffic to the Internet?

Park(config)# ip route Alta(config)# ip route Alta(config)# ip route s0/0/0

Which IPv6 static route would serve as a backup route to a dynamic route learned through OSPF?

Router1(config)# ipv6 route 2001:db8:acad:1::/32 2001:db8:acad:6::2 200

Which command would create a valid IPv6 default route?

ipv6 route ::/0 2001:db8:acad:2::a

What are two reasons why an administrator might choose to use static routing rather than dynamic routing? (Choose two.)

Static routing is more secure. Static routing uses less router processing and bandwidth.

A network administrator notices that a correctly entered static route is not in the routing table. What two router commands would an administrator use to determine if the exit interface was up and the next hop address is available? (Choose two.)

ping show ip interface brief

A network administrator enters the following command into Router1: ip route S0/1/0. Router1 then receives a packet that is destined for After finding the recently configured static route in the routing table, what does Router1 do next to process the packet?

encapsulates the packet into a frame for the WAN link and forwards the packet out the S0/1/0 interface

Consider the following command:

ip route 5

Which route would have to go down in order for this static route to appear in the routing table?

a static route to the network

What type of static route is created when the next-hop IP address and exit interface are specified?

fully specified static route

A _________ network is a network that is accessed by a single route.


Fill in the blank. Refer to the exhibit.

On R1, the command to configure a static route to network by specifying the next-hop IP address is ip route ___________.

Which static route statement shows a recursive IPv6 static route?

ipv6 route 2001:db8:cafe:1::/56 2001:db8:1000:10::1

What is a characteristic of a default static route?

It identifies the gateway IP address to which the router sends all IP packets for which it does not have a learned or static route.

A _____________ static route can be used to provide a backup route to a dynamically learned route.


What network address and subnet mask combination would be used to create a default static route that matches any IPv4 destination?

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