Quiz 15 Chapter 15

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What command manages user accounts on the local system in Windows?

net user

Which statement regarding 10-Gigabit Ethernet is accurate?

it is a good choice for backbone networks

Which physical topology uses a centralized device to manage traffic on the network?

star bus

In the T568B wiring scheme, what two color pairs are used for transmit and receive on a 100BaseT network?

White/green, green White/orange, orange

A punchdown tool is used to wire twisted-pair cabling to a keystone jack.


Which of the following is true about cable Internet?

you share the cable infrastructure with your neighbors

If you are experiencing issues reaching a target destination network, and you need to to display each hop to the destination, what command should you use?


What two standards have been established for wiring twisted-pair cabling and RJ-45 connectors?

T568B T568A

What does a 1000BaseT NIC use to connect to a network cable?

RJ-45 port

If you’re looking to install Gigabit Ethernet, what cabling system would you use?


In order to terminate multiple network cables that converge in one location such as an electrical closet or server room, what should you use?

patch panel

What two different types of coaxial cable have been used for cable TV?

RG-6 RG-59

What statement regarding crossover cables is accurate?

it can be used to connect two PCs together

What cable system utilizes a fiber-optic cable?


1. a networking technology that carries more than one type of signal

2. the average of the actual speed of a network

3. a device that helps to eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI)

4, delays in network transmission

5. operates at 100 Mbps and uses STP or UTP cabling, rated CAT-5 or higher

6, used to connect a computer to a switch or other network device

7. uses a covering or shield around wire pairs

8. a device that keeps a table of MAC addresses to port mappings

9. a device that amplifies and retransmits signal to a wider coverage area

10. uses ordinary copper phone lines and a range of frequencies on the copper wire to provide Internet

1. broadband 2. throughput 3. ferrite clamp 4. latency 5. fast Ethernet 6. patch cable 7. STP 8. switch 9. repeater 10. DSL

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