Q#6 Excel Modules 3 & 4

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A small, ____ triangle appears in the upper-right corner of a cell containing a comment.


To hide a selected column, click the _____ button in the Cells group on the Home tab.​


____ formatting is automatically updated if you change data in the worksheet.


You can change colors, patterns, and borders of cells by using the Fill tab and the Border tab in the ____ dialog box.

format cells

###### in a cell means that the ____.

column is too narrow to display the value completely

You can apply font styles and alignment options using the ____ dialog box.

format cells

The default format for cells that meet a condition with conditional formatting is ____.

light red fill, dark red text

A theme can be applied using the Themes button in the Themes group on the ____ tab on the Ribbon.

page layout

Cells and ranges in a worksheet can be formatted ____.

before or after data is entered

You can apply font styles and alignment options using the ____ tab of the Ribbon.


To remove all formatting for a selected range, click the _____ button in the Editing group on the Home tab.​


Font ____ are formats such as bold, italic, and underlining that you can apply to affect the way text and numbers look in a worksheet.


The Spelling button is found in the Proofing group on the ____ tab on the Ribbon.


The default Accounting number format adds dollar signs and ____ decimal places to the data.


The ____ size is the physical size of the text.


Which of the following removes only the contents of a selected row or column?

the [Delete] key

Double-clicking the column line to the right of a column activates the ____ feature for the column.


The Format Painter button is found in the ____ group on the Home tab of the Ribbon.


To format a cell or range, first you select it, and then you apply the formatting using the ____, the Mini toolbar, or a keyboard shortcut.


You can add multiple worksheets to a workbook by clicking the Home tab on the Ribbon, pressing and holding ____, and then clicking the number of existing worksheet tabs that correspond with the number of sheets you want to add, clicking the Insert list arrow in the Cells group on the Home tab, then clicking Insert Sheet.


To apply a table style, select the data to be formatted or click anywhere within the intended range (Excel can automatically detect a range of cells), click the Format as Table button in the ____ group on the Home tab, and then click a style in the gallery.


In the ____ window you can search for online pictures (or Clip Art) in Office.com, through the Bing search engine, or on OneDrive.

insert pictures

A ____ is an individual media file, such as art, sound, animation, or a movie.


You can change the ____ of labels and values in cells to be left, right, or center.


The ____ of a cell determines how the labels and values look.


To show how individual volume changes over time in relation to total volume, use a(n) ____.

area chart

Text annotations are ____ that you can add to further describe the data in your chart.


Which of the following will NOT be affected or rearranged by choosing a new layout on the Chart Tools Design tab?


The default border color around a chart title is ____.


You can ____ the chart title text to select it.


Shape ____ make it possible to apply multiple formats to a data series, such as an outline, fill color, and text color, all with a single click.


A combo chart can add a(n) ____ axis to chart related data.


Which chart type is the best candidate for spotting trends and extrapolating information based on research data?


Which one of the following is NOT one of the new chart types in Excel 2016?​

a. Treemap
b. ​Surface
c. ​Waterfall
d. ​Sunburst


Which chart type is the best candidate for emphasizing sales trends over a period of 6 months?


Each value in a cell selected for a chart is called a ____.

data point

A chart that is inserted directly in the current worksheet is called a(n) ____ chart.


A scatter chart ____.

compares trends over uneven time or measurement intervals

An example of a(n) ____ chart is a column chart with a line chart.


Which chart type do you use to compare distinct objects over time using horizontal bars?


On a chart created in Excel, the horizontal axis is also called the ____.


A collection of related data points is called a ____.

data series

You can add a text box using the Chart Tools ____ tab.


To add a shadow to an object, click the ____ button in the Format Chart Title pane, click Shadow, and make the desired selections.


To create a combo chart, select the data you want to plot, and click the Combo chart button in the Charts group on the _____ tab.​


To delete a selected sparkline from a cell, click the _____ button in the Group group on the Sparkline Tools Design tab.​


____ marks indicate the scale of measure for each value on the y-axis.


____ lets you create diagram types including List, Process, Cycle, Hierarchy, Relationship, Matrix, and Pyramid.


You can change a column chart to a clustered bar chart using the ____ dialog box.

change chart types

Which of the following is not an option that the Data Labels can produce?

legend name

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