Public Speaking Unit 11-15

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Technology should not get in the way of a speaker’s relating to the audience.


The Home Tab sets up a consistent layout and color scheme for each slide in the presentation.


The Handout Master can be printed for the audience members to have a record of the presentation.


Which view in PowerPoint allows the user to look at one entire slide on the screen and edit it?

normal view

A familiar typeface that is simple and easy to read should be used on presentation aids.


Slide-show view allows you to edit the slides and add notes.


When it comes to presentation aids, the more colors the better, so that the aids are as flashy as possible.


In which mode of PowerPoint do users customize every aspect of the presentation?

blank slide layout

Boldface, underlining, and italics should

be used sparingly.

When using slides, speakers should talk to the audience, not to the screen.


Key design elements such as fonts, color, and italics should be consistent throughout a presentation to maintain continuity.


Animation effects are also referred to as builds.


Boldface, underlining, and italics should be used sparingly to call attention to the most important points.


Which of the following PowerPoint options offers help in creating your slide show by offering predesigned templates?

Design Tab

A presentation aid with words should have no more than two lines per aid.


The best place in speech development for a speaker to begin planning slides is during topic selection.


With PowerPoint, clip art cannot be imported from other online programs.


Typefaces come in a variety of sets of sizes or


Which of the following PowerPoint effects adds motion and sound effects as you click from one slide to another?


The skillful use of color in presentation aids includes all of the following EXCEPT

using as many colors as possible to provide variety.

For type and graphics, you should use colors that contrast with the background.


Which of the following options does PowerPoint offer that presents menus for inserting new slides after the first one, choosing layouts and themes for your slides, and manipulating fonts and styles?

Home tab

Which view in PowerPoint is meant to be used during projection to an audience?

slide-show view

Which of the following PowerPoint options is best for speakers who want flexibility in designing their graphics, but prefer to use a template for their slides?

Blank slide layout

To convey points effectively on a slide, follow the

NOT: three-by-five rule. ?6×6

It is best to use all capital letters on presentation aids.


When designing a presentation aid, the speaker should focus on


Each presentation aid should be simple and concise, and should present three major ideas.


Sans serif typefaces include small flourishes, or strokes, at the tops and bottoms of each letter.templates?


Presentation aids that are too crowded will divert attention from the message.


How many major ideas should be present on each presentation aid?


The two major categories of typefaces are sans serif and


Chartjunk is a term used to refer to presentation aids with too many graphs or charts and other meaningless design elements.


Small amounts of text, such as headings, are best viewed in which typeface?

sans serif

In preparing to use a PowerPoint presentation, you should do all of the following EXCEPT

make sure you have at least one slide for each 30 seconds of your presentation.

With PowerPoint, a speaker can generate slides containing text, artwork, and photos, but not video or sound.


"I’m a better candidate than X because, unlike X, I work for a living" is an example of

ad hominem argument.

An effective informative speech shows listeners

something they didn’t previously know.

The goal of informative speaking is to persuade or convince an audience.


Material that provides grounds for belief in a claim is called evidence.


A successful persuasive speaker should aim for large-scale changes.


The audience is an empty vessel into which a speaker can pour facts and figures.


Which organizational pattern addresses main points and then disproves opposing claims?


"A theory is like a set of glasses we put on to look through" is an example of

an analogy.

Which pattern demonstrates how the speaker’s points are more favorable than alternative positions?

comparative advantage

Under which of the following conditions is the persuasive purpose appropriate?

when you seek to change an audience’s behavior

The highest level in Maslow’s hierarchy is self-esteem needs.


An informative speaker might

explain to listeners the new services available at the student center.

Speeches about _________ might discuss brewing beer, lightning formation, or yoga sequences.


Speeches about _________ might discuss digital cameras, snowshoes, or El Niño.

objects or phenomena

Multimodal learners combine two or more learning style preferences.


A target audience’s attitudes should not affect the arrangement of the persuasive speech.


Speeches about ________ address the impact of individuals and groups on society.


An informative speech arranged by category is arranged


To help your audience follow your speech, do all of the following EXCEPT

NOT: employ rhetorical devices such as repetition and parallelism.

An informative speech can be about events and issues, but not about objects or people.


Speeches that rely on demonstration must include an actual physical demonstration.


The goal of informative speaking is

to increase audience understanding and awareness.

There are always some elements of persuasion in an informative speech


Informative speeches can be organized using only the cause-effect pattern.


"Clearly, roses are the best flowers for gift giving, since more people buy them more than any other kind of flower" is an example of


The appeal to audience emotion is termed


The general goal of persuasive speeches is to advocate, or to ask others to accept your views.


Visualization is the fourth step in Monroe’s motivated sequence pattern.


Using rhetorical devices such as repetition and parallelism will reinforce information and drive home key ideas.


All of the following are ways to define a topic EXCEPT

NOT: by describing what it is not.

Using analogies in a speech is a helpful strategy to reduce audience confusion.


Reasoning in which the speaker compares two similar cases and implies that what is true in one case is true in the other is

reasoning by analogy.

Narratives, testimony, and facts drawn from an outside source are examples of external evidence.


According to Aristotle, appealing to the emotions of listeners is called ethos.


"Students who earn an A average on all speech assignments should be exempt from the final exam." This statement is a claim of


_________ presentations connect the presenter and audience live.


Once you have prepared your presentation well, you should be able to record it in only one take.


A _________ is a digital audio recording of a speech or presentation captured and stored in a form accessible via the Web.


The one underlying function of a special occasion speech is to inform.


In preparing online presentations, you should do all of the following EXCEPT

avoid using presentation aids.

Fundraisers, campaign banquets, conferences, and conventions are examples of special occasion speeches that strive to

set a social agenda.

Online presentations are always streamed in real time at a time convenient for both the speaker and the audience.


An effective speech of inspiration appeals to reason, not emotion.


The goal of a speech of introduction is to inspire the audience.


Which of the following is a function of a special occasion speech?

to celebrate

Webinars are presentations or training sessions that are prerecorded and played at a time convenient for each audience member.


A _________ captures whatever is displayed on your computer screen, from text to slides to streaming video.


When delivering a eulogy, the speaker should be sure to

emphasize the deceased’s positive qualities.

Special occasion speeches can entertain, celebrate, commemorate, or inspire.


A vodcast is a podcast containing video clips.


Online presentations require essentially different planning and delivery than do face-to-face presentations.


With recorded presentations, transmission and reception occur at different times, in _________ communication.


_________ — alternations in volume, pitch, rate, and pauses — is particularly important in an online presentation, since your audience cannot interact with your physical presence.

Vocal variety

A roast is a humorous tribute to the person being celebrated, in which a series of speakers jokingly poke fun at him or her.


Presentation aids aren’t really necessary or useful in online presentations.


Many successful inspirational speakers use acronyms to help the audience remember the message.


If you are asked to give a plaque to the "teacher of the year," you should prepare a

speech of presentation.

Listeners can expect a lighthearted, amusing speech; they may also expect the speaker to offer a certain degree of insight into the topic at hand in a speech that strives to

NOT: inspire.

Real-time presentations connect presenter and audience in asynchronous communication.


When delivering a eulogy, the speaker should focus on the life of the person, rather than the circumstances of death.


The function of a speech of acceptance is to

express gratitude for the honor bestowed.

In asynchronous communication, the speaker lacks any direct interaction with the audience.


Superior _________ can provide your audience with a compelling visual experience, even though you and your audience are not face to face.

presentation aids

_________ are real-time seminars, meetings, or other presentations that connect presenters and audiences from their computers or mobile devices.


As group members generate solutions, the merit of each idea should be evaluated and debated immediately.


Which of the following is a forum in which speakers deliver short speeches on different aspects of the same topic?


In a group setting, a "blocker" is an example of a(n)

anti-group role.

An effective audience analysis requires that the speaker consider

the interests and needs of the audience.

A panel discussion is a formal meeting at which several speakers deliver short speeches on the same topic.


The person with the weakest presentation style and least credibility should deliver the opening portion of the presentation.


_________ leaders ask group members to make the decision.

NOT: Participative

A team leader’s responsibilities typically include

coordinating selection of roles and tasks.

There is no such thing as productive conflict.


When a team member delivers his or her part of the presentation, this is a good time for the other team members to

give their full attention to the speaker.

A small group is made of how many members?

three to twenty

In a group, an individual generally assumes only one role.


Person-based conflict is a form of unproductive conflict.


The presentation will go more smoothly if the whole group _________ the presentation with presentation aids several times.

NOT: plans

Issues-based conflict allows members to test and debate ideas and potential solutions.


Team presentations are rarely assigned in the classroom, but frequently delivered in the workplace.


Successful team presentations require

close cooperation and planning.

As long as all the team members know which part of the presentation they are responsible for, there is no need to rehearse the presentation.


The first three steps in Dewey’s reflective thinking process are, in order:

identify the problem, conduct research and analysis, establish guidelines and criteria.

John Dewey’s six-step process can encourage group members to "think reflectively" about their task.


Groups prone to groupthink typically exhibit which of the following behaviors?

Participants reach a consensus and avoid conflict, but without genuinely agreeing with each other.

When giving a team presentation, all team members need to stay focused on the speaker so as not to distract the audience.


Students will not usually be expected to give classroom presentations at college.


College students are typically asked to deliver oral presentations in all of the following forms except

sales presentations.

In business courses, a case study presentation

discusses the best solutions to the case.

Which one of the following is an audience made up of people who possess intimate knowledge of the topic being discussed?

expert audience

In preparing a poster presentation, the speaker should put long, in-depth explanations in a prominent location on his or her poster.


Which one of the following types of audience consists of people who have expert knowledge along with those who have no specialized knowledge?

mixed audience

In a case study presentation, you should begin by giving an overview of the major issues involved in the case.


Crisis-response presentations are also known crisis communication.


The insider audience has the least amount of knowledge of the given field and topic.


A progress report can be directed to people inside and outside an organization.


Sale presentations are about informing potential buyers, not persuading them.


During a debate you should listen carefully to the other side, but writing things down is likely to distract you.


Most organizations make decisions about products, procedures, or policies based on proposals.


Entry-level business and professional employees with superior _________ tend to get promoted sooner than their co-workers.

oral presentation skills

Typically, suitable organizational patterns for sales presentations include any of the following except


A _________ typically provides information so that an organization can make a decision about a product, procedure, or policy.


Managers and other employees depend on staff reports to determine whether or not someone is promoted.


A(n) _________ is a type of oral presentation format in which two individuals or groups argue the issue in question from opposing viewpoints.


Strong arguments should have a claim, evidence, and reasoning.


Which one of the following types of audience might consist of academic co-workers, managers, project coordinators, or team leaders?

colleagues within the field

Giving formal speeches is a common requirement in the workplace.


A lay audience is a group of people who possess intimate knowledge of the topic or idea being discussed.


Team presentations are written reports delivered by a group of three or more.


In an informative speech, the speaker is allowed to describe or explain, but not demonstrate.


When the body of a text is being read, which typeface is easiest on the eye?


The typeface in a presentation should be

easy to read.

Productive conflict is


In his persuasive speech about why people should buy used rather than new autos, Carlos provided the audience with information about his background as a used-car salesperson. Carlos employed which type of appeal?

NOT: logos.

Anti-group roles individuals may play in a group include "blocker" and "floor hogger."


Directly asking members to contribute, setting a positive tone, and using dialectical inquiry are three techniques that group leaders can use to encourage


Audience members of business or professional presentations are frequently part of a voluntary audience.


In which kind of presentation are you expected to identify the thesis or hypothesis, explain the methodology, and evaluate the findings?

review of academic articles

When starting a team presentation project, one of the first tasks should be to designate a team leader.


According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, all needs are equally important and must be fulfilled simultaneously.


All persuasive speeches explicitly seek a response from the audience.


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