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The audience holds attitudes and beliefs about the topic similar to the speaker’s but needs direction in taking action / the audience feels the same about the topic as the speaker / the audience disagrees with the speaker’s position and is likely to encounter opposing information in the future.

A persuasive speech topic is most appropriate when

clearinghouse question

A question designed to check that all important information has been discussed is called a(n)


A regularly published magazine or journal is called a(n)

is a brief description of the source’s qualifications

A source qualifier


A speaker selectively presenting only those statistics that buttress his or her point of view while ignoring competing data is said to be

the speech topic / the speaker / the speech occasion

A speaker should try to uncover the audience’s feelings toward

is also known as a subject guide / is a searchable catalog of Web sites organized by subject category / allows you to progressively narrow your search

A subject (Web) directory


A(n) is a Web site maintained by individuals or groups containing journal-type entries.


Abandoning your convictions in order to appeal to the audience is known as

high-uncertainty avoidance cultures

According to Geert Hofstede, which cultures structure life more rigidly and formally for their members?

multi-active cultures

According to Richard D. Lewis, which culture’s members are people-oriented, are extroverted, and tend to do many things at once?

human anatomy / art history / geography

An atlas is a collection of maps that can provide information on

Boolean operators

AND, OR, and NOT are examples of

offer a brief, positive summary of important things you learned / check to see that your notes have been properly recorded and are legible / offer to send the interviewee the results of the interview

At the end of the interview, you should


Brief stories of interesting, often humorous incidents based on real life are called

the size of the audience and the physical setting / the time and length of the speech / the speech context

Characteristics of the speech setting include

demonstrate that reliable sources support your position / help you avoid plagiarism / enhance your own authority and credibility

Crediting speech sources can


Effective examples for a speech may be all of the following except

don’t lead the interviewee to a desired response

Effective interview questions


Eyewitness testimony, diary entries, interviews, and surveys are examples of ______ sources.

Government Printing Office

GPO stands for

poor speech topic choices / issues that don’t affect the audience directly / usually local in nature

Grassroots issues are NOT

expert testimony

If a medical doctor provides cutting-edge information on the threat of cholesterol, she is providing which type of supporting material?

fixed alternative

If you ask survey respondents to respond to questions with a limited choice of answers, you are asking what type of questions?


In an interview, what types of questions are particularly useful for probing beliefs and opinions?


Information not your own may be cited in the form of a summary, direct quotation, or


Legends, fairy tales, myths, and other stories are considered to be

scan a variety of individual search engines simultaneously.

Meta-search engines


Newsweek and Time are examples of

highly charged

People rarely respond to persuasion directed at their core values, so steer clear of topics that are


Plot, characters, setting, and a time line are all essential to

neutral questions

Questions that don’t lead the interviewee to a desired response are known as


Read the following oral citation and identify what type of source it refers to: On January 26, 2011, in a senate hearing before the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Bob Graham, co-chair of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling, revealed that…

income, occupation, and education

Socioeconomic status includes

paid placement

Some engines and directories accept fees from companies in exchange for higher ranking within sear results. This is called

a purpose / a challenge / time constraints

Speakers are often given direction with respect to their speeches. They may be given

common knowledge

Speakers need not credit sources for ideas that are

class lectures

Special occasion speeches include all of the following except

in a speaker’s immediate environment

Surveys are an especially effective source of support for topics related to the attitudes, values, and beliefs of the people

a source qualifier

The phrase "Pulitzer-Prize-winning author" is

invisible Web

The portion of the Web that general search engines often fail to find is called the


The purpose of a(n) ______ speech is to increase the audience’s understanding and awareness of a topic.


The statistical characteristics of a given population or group of people are known as

information collected and produced by federal agencies

The U.S. GPO publishes and distributes all

thesis statement

The ______ concisely identifies, in a single declarative sentence, what the speech is about


The ______ speech purpose answers the question, "Why am I speaking on this topic for this particular audience on this occasion?"


The ______ speech purpose describes in action form what outcome you want to achieve with the speech.

APA, MLA, and Chicago Manual of Style

Three of the most commonly used systems of reference are

alternate introductory phrases.

To avoid mechanical delivery of speech sources, speakers should

interviews / surveys / published sources

Tools that a speaker can use to analyze an audience include


Topic mapping is a ______ technique

our most enduring judgments about what is good and bad in life

Values are

the title and year of publication

When citing source material in a bibliography, the speaker should record several important elements, including

time constraints / audience expectations / nature of the occasion

When narrowing a topic, the speaker should consider the

illustrate / describe / represent things

When used as supporting material in a speech, examples can

APA, MLA, and Chicago

Which of the following are the most widely used formats for documenting sources?


Which of the following domain suffixes indicates a nonprofit group?

to illustrate and elaborate on a speaker’s ideas

Which of the following is a function of supporting material?

finding false and/or biased information; overlooking key sources not found on these sites; information overload

Which of the following is a potential problem associated with the exclusive use of popular search engines during the research process?

Yahoo! / Google / Bing

Which of the following is an example of an individual search engine on the Internet?


Which of the following is not a type of secondary source?

the page numbers of the source

Which of the following should not be included in a spoken citation?

give good reasons for developing a positive attitude toward the topic

Which of the following techniques can a speaker use when listeners are negatively disposed toward his or her topic?

sharing a relevant, personal story / emphasizing a shared role / dressing like the audience

Which of the following techniques help create a sense of audience identification with the speaker?


Which of the following would not be considered a demographic characteristic?


Which type of average provides the center-most score in a distribution?


Which type of example offers a multifaceted illustration of an idea, item, or event?


Which type of example offers a single illustration of a point?


Which type of reference work summarizes knowledge that is found in original form elsewhere?


Which types of questions on a survey may be either fixed alternative or scale questions

specialized search engines

Which types of search engines are devoted entirely to one field?

the main points / supporting material / the conclusion

______ emanate(s) from the thesis.


______ refers to the deliberate falsification of information

Source reliability

______ refers to our level of trust in a source’s credentials and track record for providing accurate information.


A brief overview of someone else’s ideas, opinions, or theories is a paraphrase.


A common topic, such as gun control, is a good choice for a speech because it touches upon a subject the audience is likely familiar with.


An oral citation credits the source of speech material that is derived from other people’s ideas.


Analyzing the speech setting includes considering the time and length of the speech.


Audiences are most persuaded by speakers who support their positions with trustworthy sources.


Examples in a speech weaken understanding by making ideas less concrete.


Individual search engines let you conduct narrower but deeper searches into a particular field.


It is not necessary to check that the site credits its sources.


It’s OK for speakers to omit mention of sources that might not be appropriate for their audience members.


Lay testimony is testimony by nonexperts.


Narratives tell tales that are either real or imaginary


Search engines such as Google can discern quality of information, so anything found via a search engine is probably credible.


Speakers should wait until the end of the speech to disclose any sources used


Special occasion speeches sometimes have secondary specific purposes to inform or to persuade.


Statistics can add credibility to speech clims when used sparingly.


Supporting material refers only to facts and statistics presented by the speaker.


Testimony comprises firsthand findings, eyewitness accounts, and opinions.


The domain in a Web address is the suffix at the end of the address that indicates the nature of the site.


The theses statement should be stated in a way that will motivate the audience to listen.


To avoid confusing the audience, it is better to support a major point using only one reliable source.


To narrow a speech topic, you need to consider time constraints, audience expectations, and the nature of the occasion.

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