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Life satisfaction for the elderly correlates with

Family more than friends

Most elder abuse is committed by

adult children

Erikson called the final crisis of development

Integrity versus despair

Three major stratification categories emphasized in the textbook that can limit choice at every stage of life are

age, gender, ethnicity

Lived in same house for 40 years. Like many older adults, Claire and Dennis

Prefer to age in the same place

The difference between ADLs and IADLs is that

IADLs require some intellectual competence

Which of the following is one of the ADLs?


An intermediate form of care for older adults is

Assisted living

Which of the following statements about older people and religion is true?

Older people are less likely to attend weekly religious services than are younger people

At age 65, Mrs. Walker reacted to her recent retirement in much the same way that she dealt with earlier life changes. This illustrates

Continuity theory

Elder maltreatment is

Likely to cause isolation, fear, and dependence

According to research, positive emotions in the elderly are correlated with

Feeling recognized for their accomplishments

Companionate grandparents are

Independent and autonomous

After losing a spouse, older women typically

Enjoy their independence, choosing not to remarry

Compared to single older adults, the married elderly tend to be

Happier and wealthier

Which of the following increases the likelihood of elder abuse?

substance abuse by caregiver, poverty, frailty

The antithesis of disengagement theory is

Activity theory

The most common cause of dementia is

Alzheimer disease

Dorothy writes about her life for her grandchildren:

Life review

Primary aging refers to age-related changes that

inevitably take place as time goes by

Mrs. Calderi is 70 years old and as a typical late adult

is quite happy and enjoying her life

Wandering and getting lost is characteristic of which stage of alzheimer’s disease


Limiting the time a person spends being ill or infirm is referred to as

Compression of morbidity

Using elderspeak

Is demeaning

The early stage of Alzheimer disease is characterized by

absentmindedness about recent events

An elderly person who expresses serious worry about losing his or her intellectual abilities is most likely suffering from


Dementia is

the pathological loss of brain functioning

Vascular dementia is caused by

Insufficient supply of blood to the brain

When alzheimer disease appears in middle age it

progresses more rapidly

Loss of working memory is particularly likely to affect the ability to

repeat a series of numbers just heard

Which senses became less sharp in late adulthood?

smell, taste, hearing, vision, touch

The term "ageism" refers to

b. judging people on the basis of chronological age.

With age, what happens to the brain

Some parts shrink, activity level sometimes increases, sometimes decreases, and sometimes stays the same. Using both hemispheres simultaneously becomes more likely

Of the following, the best example of fluid intelligence is

the ability to quickly perceive logical relationships between words

The average age of menopause is about

51 years

The measure of health most important to the quality of life is


The Flynn effect refers to the

Rise in average IQ over the generations

By the end of middle age, nearly everyone needs

reading glasses

A common outcome when in vitro fertilization is used to assist in reproduction in the US is that

almost half of the pregnancies result in low-birthweight twins or triplets

Early studies of adult intelligence led researchers to the conclusion that intelligence in adulthood

peaks at age 18, remains stable until the mid 20s, and declines thereafter

Gender differences in senescence indicate that

Women age more slowly

When developmentalists use the term "expert," they usually mean a person who

is significantly better than others at performing a certain task

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