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Psychology as a science began in the laboratory of ______ using the method of ______.

Wundt, Introspection

According to Titchner, one could break down all human experiences into three components, which were:

Sensations, feelings, images

In psychology, William James was highly influential in developing the school of thought known as:


If you are interested in the functionalist approach to psychology, you would be most interested in:

How humans use their thoughts to function in their environment

Psychology is defined as the study of:

Behavior and mental processes

According to the definition of psychology, which of the following is not a behavior? Smiling at a baby, watching birds fly, sleeping during a lecture, feeling hungry

Feeling hungry

According to the definition of psychology, which of the following is not a mental process? getting angry, writing down the answer to a math problem, wanting to kiss someone, deciding to ask something

Writing down the answer to a math problem

What is John B. Watson’s belief about studying human behavior?

Only visible behavior can be measured and understood

With what psychological approach is Sigmund Freud associated?


J.B. Watson and B.F. Skinner believed that:

psychology should focus on the behavior in the environment that can be seen or measured

Which of the following is a soical factor that influences behavior and mental processes? Emotional responses, learned fears, presence of others

The presence of others

A theory can be defined as:

A set of closely related ideas that attempts to explain observations

Allie has a theory that there is a relationship between the amount she studies and her grades. In order to test her theory, she must formulate a:


If a psychologist were to study ‘love’ she would need to have an _________ love or else the hypothesis could not be tested.

Operational definition for

___________ Attempts to view behavior without disturbing the environment.

Naturalistic observation

In truly naturalistic observation, researchers should:

not change the situations

A correlation coefficient indicates a _________ between two variables.


If there is a strong positive correlation of two tested variables, this means that:

as one variable increases, the other also increases

If drinking coffee at night causes you not to sleep, then there is a _______ correlation between caffeine intake and sleep


Group A received progressive relaxation training prior to test taking, while group B recieves no treatment. Group A is the________ and group B is the ___________.

Experimental group, control group

If there are two different scenarios and the experimenters ask the groups what they want to do, what is the dependent variable?

The participant’s response to the question

Participants study in a lecture hall with windows and one with no natural light and studied how it affected their mood, what is the independent variable?

The type of light

When a neutron is at rest, what is the composition of the ions in the intra-cellular fluid?

A- and K+, with small amounts of Cl- and Na+

When the neutron is at rest:

Na+/K+ pumps is pumping out 3 Na+ for every 2 K+, K+ and Cl- channels are open

When the voltage of the neuron reaches threshold, what happens to the protein channels?

K+ and Cl- channels are open and Na+ gates open

What is the "All or None’ principle?

When the voltage of the neuron reaches threshold, it fires at the same speed and strength no matter how much stimulation is received.

Which ion contributes the most to depolarization (the rise)?


Which Ion contributes the most to hyper polarization (the fall)?


What is the route a message takes within a neutron?

Dendrite, cell body, axon

Parkinson is the result of low levels of what neurotransmitter?

Dopamine (DA)

If a person’s cerebellum were damaged in an accident, you would expect the person to have problem with:

Balance and muscle coordination

Which part of the nervous system regulates breathing?

the medulla

The reticular formation is primarily responsible for

stereotyped patterns such as walking, sleeping, or turning to attend to a sudden noise

Within the limbic system, the amygdala plays a key role in ________ and the hippocampus plays a key role in _______

emotion, memory

A disorder which causes an inability to recognize faces is called ________ and is the result of damage to the ________ lobe

prosopagnosia, temporal

The physical space between two neurons is called the


Difficulty sleeping, paying attention in class and suffering from depression are symptoms of low:


Which part of the peripheral nervous system would be particularly important to a backpacker being chased by a bear?


Which subpart of the brain is located at the rear base of the skull?


If you have ever been struck in the back of the head and saw stars or flashes of light, cells were stimulates in your ______ lobe


The three-foot spike which damaged the Phineas Gage’s frontal lobe resulted in

changes in personality

Blind sight is a disorder sometimes seen in a patient after they have received damage to the

occipital lobe

Collection data about the world through seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting is a function of ______, and interpreting data collected is the function of ________.

Sensation, Perception

The process of converting the physical energy from hearing music (for example), into electrochemical energy is called


If a person hears two tones that differ in intensity just barely enough to be detected, the point of detection would be the _______ threshold


The clear membrane just in front of the iris through which light first passes is the:


Toward the center of the retina, there is an area that contains only cones. This area is called the:


The crossover point where the right visual field information goes to the left hemisphere is called the:

optic chiasm

The bones of the middle ear are set into motion by vibrations of the

ear drum

Which depth cue accounts for why parallel lines appear to grow closer together the father away they are?

linear perspective

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