Psychology chapters 10-13

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Which of the following accurately reflects Freud’s view of development in middle childhood

To form emotional bonds with peers in to move beyond those developed with parents

According to Erikson children resolve this site psychosocial task of middle childhood through their

School relationships

Rudolph is struggling with his math and reading skills but excels at soccer what would Erik and say about Rudolph sense of competence

Rudolph was successfully resolve the conflict of the stage through his competence at soccer

During middle childhood and new component of self is added to the categorical social and emotional self this new component include stains like personality traits what is the term for this new component

Psychological self

Which of the following best defines self- efficiency

The belief in one’s ability to cause an intended event to happen

Which of the following is a major influence in a child’s self-esteem

The general support the child feels from her parents peers and others

According to Piggy’s ideas about children’s moral development a child who insist that the rules of a game cannot be changed because they come from Authority such as parents or religious figures is demonstrating moral development at what stage

Moral realism

Which of the following is NOT one of the author’s suggestions to encourage moral reasoning

Punish them immediately after they have done something wrong

Which of the following is an implication of the resource dilution hypothesis

That later born children in a family will not perform as well as first born children on achievement test

Developmentalists have suggested that differences in the expectations of parents have for boys and girls may be responsible for

Stronger standards of behavior for girls in later developmental periods

Rejecting comments manipulation ordering challenging or defiance all define which of the following

Controlling speech

Psychologists have begun to believe that girls may not be less aggressive than boys or rather that girls may express themselves by using which form of aggression

Relational aggression

Which of the following is not a characteristic of victims of bullying

A good sense of humor

According to the text which of the following is a link to rejection and I’m popularity among children

Aggression and disruptive behavior

which of the following seems to be the most important element in a child’s acceptance by

Social behavior

Which of the following characteristics is more likely to be found in neglected children than in popular or rejected children

Depression and loneliness

At what age do most of elementalist agree that a child might begin self-care

Nine or 10

Which child is most likely to suffer from negative effects of self-care

Darius who lives in a bad neighborhood in my stay inside with all the doors locked at all times

How has the number of children living in poverty changed from the 1980 to now

It has declined

In the United States government define poverty as which of the following income levels for a family with


Your text suggest a reason why parents living in poverty are more likely to be stricter and place more emphasis on obedience what is that reason

It is a logical response to the neighborhoods they are likely to be living in

All of the following statements address typical ways that party in packs children except

Children raised in poverty have increased capacity to deal with stress

Many children who grow up in neighborhoods with street violence gang activity and overcrowded homes suffer from which of the following


Which of the following would most likely be a resilient

The child who lives in a neglectful environment but shows few adverse effects because she has the support of our teachers and extended family

Which researcher conducted the Bobo doll studies to evaluate the effects of observing aggressive behavior on children

Albert Bandura

Which of the following best defines

The transitional period between childhood and adulthood

Which group of hormones is responsible for the development of sex organs

Estrogen and females and testosterone in males

At what ages do the two major growth spurts occur

13 – 15 and 17 – 18

During puberty the pituitary gland signals the adrenal glands to increase production of Anderson what is the term for this process


Which of the following is the earliest sign of puberty for a female

Changes in breasts and pubic hair

According to current research which of the following accounts for the secular trend in development worldwide

Improvements in nutrition and health care

Which of the following is a true statement regarding obesity and puberty

Obesity is likely to be positively correlated with early puberty in girls

of the following events in boys puberty which typically occurs earliest

Growth of genitals

Which of the following groups is more likely to occupy leadership roles but also be at increased risk for alcohol or drug use

Early maturing boys

Which of the following factors is most likely to influence whether or not teens become sexually active across

Social factors

In the United States earlier initiation to adolescent sexual activity is associated with which of the following

Earlier dating

Which of the following statements is true regarding adolescent pregnancy in the US

The number of births to unmarried team has increased over the past 4 decades

How many teen pregnancies end in abortion

About one third

What is the concordance rate of homosexuality in fraternal twins


Which of the following term applies to a person whose psychological gender does not match their physical sex


What is the correlation between risk seeking behavior and the media

Teens who are most strongly influenced by media portrayals of risky behavior are more likely to engage in sensation seeking

Anorexia nervosa is characterized by

Intense fear of weight gain extreme dieting and obsessive exercising

The eating disorder bulimia nervosa is characterized by

Episodes of binge eating that are followed by purging activities

Which of the following is not associated with bulimia

Excessive weight loss

Why are girls less likely to complete suicide

They tend to use means that are less successful such as poisoning

All of the following are recognized as common factors among suicide completers except

History of parentalDivorce

What is piagets fourth stage of cognitive development

Formal operations

Which statement best describes the transition from elementary school to high school

Students experience losses in academic achievement and self-esteem

Which of the following is the best example of a child who has ability goals for academic achievement

Cindy hopes to score higher on her college entrance exam than any of her brothers and sisters

Which of the following best explains what shapes girls desire to take advanced math and science classes

Their own abilities and believe in the acceptability of these subjects for girls

Which of Freud’s psychosexual stages is reached in the post pubertal years


Which of the following represents Erik in central crisis of adolescence

Identity vs role confusion

Having a personal investment in a specific role value calor ideology describes which of the following components of marcias theory


Which of the following might be an advantage of cultures which have clearly identified rites of passage into adulthood

Teenagers are able to establish a clear transition from childhood to adulthood

Which of the following differentiates teenagers descriptions of themselves from older children’s self descriptions

Teens are more likely to describe themselves in terms of what they believe or feel

Which of the following statements is true regarding adolescent self-esteem

Teens of all ethnicities in the US are likely to experience a drop in self esteem as a transition from childhood to early adolescence

What is the term used by developmentalists to describe the psychological aspects of sexual self

Gender role identity

The first stage of Phinney’s theory of ethnic identity is

An unexamined ethnic identity

At the preconventional stage of Kohlberg’s levels of moral development a child’s moral reasoning is based on which of the following

The outcome or consequences of an action

All of the following are necessary conditions for the development of advanced moral reasoning except

Concrete operational and formal operational thinking skills

Which of the following characteristics is both a cause and a consequence of moral development according to Nancy Eisenberg


If you believe that there are distinct differences in the way that boys and girls perceive moral dilemmas which theorist would you most likely support

Carol Gilligan

Which of the following best defines the term anti social and psychological theories

having a moral stance which disregard the norms of society

Which of the following term best describes antisocial behavior that includes law breaking


Among adolescents peer group pressures are most likely to be

Toward positive activities such as school involvement

Which of the following best describes a combination of clicks which includes both male and female members


Which of the following is the best example of a click as described by dunphy

Bobby might George and Erik has share the good times and the bad times in each others lives since they were 12 years old

The identity prototypes that are associated with reputation-based peer groups most likely serve the developmental purpose of

Helping to create or reinforce adolescents sense of identity

Which of the following is likely to be true of social interactions in later adolescence

Mutual friendship and dating pairs become more important then click or crowds

Which of the following is not a risk factor for early dating and higher levels of sexual experience among adolescent girls

Having same sex parents

Which of the following is not true of homosexual teens

They’re likely to discover their sexual attraction is much later than their heterosexual peers

Which of the following best describes the years between 18 and 40

They are a time of optimal physical and cognitive functioning

Researchers have identified two different types of aging what are they

Primary and secondary

What is the term that researchers used to describe the basic underlying inevitable process of physical change that affect all human beings

Primary aging

According to developmentalist which of the following most strongly influences length of life expectancy quality of health and incidence of chronic illness among adults

Social class

All of the following are lifestyle or behavioral change that will moderate the effects of primary aging on the body except

Attending religious services

Which part of the brain regulates emotional response

Limbic system

When people think of the brain they think of grey matter which of the following best defines white matter

The collection of myelinated axons that connect one neuron to another

Which two specific changes occur in the immune system beginning in adolescence

Shrinking of the thymus gland and production of immune T cells

Why do adults become more susceptible to disease as they age

Pure antibodies are produced in T cells become less efficient

Which of the following is the most common measure of overall aerobic fitness of the heart and lungs

Maximum oxygen uptake

When is a woman’s fertility at its peak

Late teens and early twenties

Which of the following best describes changes in reproductive functioning as men and women age

Lower sperm counts in men are almost always related to a disease state while in women the inability to reproduce is almost always age-related

Which of the following occurs in approximately 20% to 25% of IVF pregnancies

They have twins

Which of the following best illustrates Seligman view of optimism

Although six banks rejected wheels application for a loan to start a computer software company he persisted in his efforts to convince people that his computer operating system would revolutionize personal computing

Among which age group in the United States are STDs most common

20 – 25 years old

Which of the following STDs can lead to serious mental disorders and death if not treated


In which of the following groups is the rate of syphilis increasing

White homosexual men

All of the following are factors that increase susceptibility to infection with sexually transmitted diseases except

Discussion of socially transmitted diseases in high school

Surveys indicate that in the United States approximately ___ percent of women have been injured by a partner compared to ___ percent of men

25% to 8%

Which of the following groups is most likely to be a victim of partner abuse

Women 16 – 24 years of age

Which of the following is NOT one of the approaches suggested in your text in preventing intimate partner abuse

Provide the victims with means to protect themselves such as weapons

What are the most common mental disorder affecting young adults

Anxiety and mood disorders

Which mental disorder is characterized by the disturbances of thought such as delusions and hallucinations


What type of thinking would a young adult used to make decisions about ambiguous problems that may have multiple solutions

Dialectical thought

Which of the following would you utilize as quickly and accurately work a crossword puzzle

Crystallized intelligence

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