Psychology Chapter 6 – Memory Quiz

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The ________ is derived from work in the development of artificial intelligence.

Parallel distributed processing model

Kevin, the school board’s secretary, was asked to save all of the information he recorded from the town meeting so that the school board could refer back to it whenever necessary. Kevin’s saved recording relates best to which step of the process of memory?


Dr. McCrae encourages her students to go beyond just memorizing definitions. She teaches them that if they fully understand the meanings of the concepts covered in class, they will be able to remember them much longer. Dr. McCrae’s lesson to her students appears to be based on which model of memory?


You always ask for a window seat whenever you fly because you love looking at the clouds and their shapes as the plane flies above them. They type of sensory memory used when viewing the clouds is ___________ memory.

Iconic sensory

Jade was asked to participate in an experiment. The experimenter read aloud to her a series of numbers that she was then asked to repeat back to him in the same order. As Jade continued to answer correctly, the lists became longer and longer until she finally couldn’t get the numbers right. The experiment in which Jade was asked to participate involved the use of what memory test?

The digit-span test

In order to remember the short list of groceries her mother gave to her, Denver repeated the list to herself over and over again until she got all of the items from the store she needed. Denver’s method of memorizing the grocery list involved the process of __________.

Maintenance rehearsal

Short-term memory tends to be encoded primarily in

Auditory form

George Miller concluded that the capacity of the short-term memory is

From five to nine bits of information

__________ memory is like a giant filing system in which the "files" are individual bits and pieces of memories stored in a highly organized and interconnected fashion.


After Eve had used "elaborative rehearsal" to remember her Social Security number, the information

Found its way into her long-term memory

Once you learn how to tie your shoes, the action becomes part of your

Nondeclarative memory

Chris learns her vocabulary words while listening to upbeat, happy music, and is then better able to remember them later if she is happy. This is called

State-dependent learning

Carl is able to remember the names of the first three presidents before he begins to have difficulty. This is

The primacy effect

The constructive processing view says that every time a memory is retrieved

It may be altered or revised in some way

While hypnosis may make it easier to recall some memories, it also

Makes it easier to create false memories

Long-term memories may be stored in the brain but inaccessible because

Of interference

It has been five years since you’ve taken a psychology course and you find yourself back in school taking Introduction to Psychology all over again. Unfortunately, you’re having a difficult time remembering anything that you learned previously. Your forgetting in this situation is most likely due to __________.


The case of H. M. shows that the _______ is integral in the formation of new long-term declarative memories.


__________ is the most common type of dementia found in adults and the elderly.


Dana cannot remember anything about the car accident in which she was recently involved, nor can she remember anything that happened during the week prior to the accident. Dana appears to be suffering from __________.

Retrograde amnesia

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