psychology chapter 15

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Which of the following best illustrates a form of psychotherapy

Systematic desensitization

A therapist who takes an eclectic approach is one who

Uses a variety of psychological theories and therapeutic approaches

The first psychological therapy was introduced by

Sigmund Freud

Helping people gain insight into the unconscious origins of their disorder is a central aim of


An important feature of client-centered therapy is

Active listening

Carl Rogers encouraged client-centered therapists to ___ during the process of therapy

Genuinely express their own true feelings

In one treatment for bed-wetting, the child sleeps on a liquid- sensitive pad that when wet, triggers an alarm and awakens the child. This treatment is a form of

Behavior therapy

Systematic desensitization is a form of___, which is a type of__

Counter conditioning, behavior therapy

Virtual reality exposure therapy is a form of

Systematic desensitization

Connor is constantly chewing tobacco. To reduce his appetite for this product, a behavior therapist would most likely use

Aversive conditioning

A token economy represents an application of the principles of

Operant conditioning

Decreasing negative thoughts by engaging in a pleasent activity is a cognitive therapy technique designed to

Reduce anxiety

Which form of therapy is most likely to emphasize the importance of examining a person’s role within a social system

Family therapy

A famous 12 step program is associated with


Which form of therapy has been found to be especially effective in the treatment of post-tramatic stress disorder

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

The placebo effect refers to

The beneficial consequences of merely expecting that a treatmnt will be effective

Light exposure therapy was developed to relieve symptoms of


By earning a client’s trust, emphatic and caring therapists promote

A therapeutic alliance

Double-blind studies enable researchers to assess the extent to which drug therapy outcomes are attributable to

The placebo effect

Melissa suffers from auditory hallucination and falsely believs that her former high school teachers are trying to kill her. Melissa’s sysmptoms are most likely to be relieved by ___ drugs


Xanax and Ativan are __ drugs


Electroconvulsive therapy has proven to be effective in the treatment of


Psychosurgery involves

Removing or destroying brain tissue

Inserting a medical instrument through each eye socket was part if a procedure known as

A lobotomy

MRI- guided precision surgery is occasionallt done to cut the brain circuits involved in severe cases of

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

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