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****You are a contestant on Jeopardy! and its your turn. You say to Alex "I’ll take Ancient Explanantions of Mental Illness for $100." The answer is,"His was the first recorded attempt to explain abnormal behavior as due to some biological process." The smile on your face reveals the confidence you have as you say:

Who is Carl Rogers (who is hippocrates)

Joanna is experiencing severe anxiety. Her psychiatrist attributes her disorder to a chemical imbalance. Her psychiatrist is using the ____ of abnormality

Biological model

****Dr Nwoambi is a psychologist who is currently evaluating a new client. Dr. Nwoambi would most likely refer to the _____ to assist her in diagnosing her client’s psychological disorder.

textbook of psychological disorder (diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders)

***Any behavior that does not allow a person to function within or adapt to the stresses and everyday demands of life is considered _____

Deviant (maladaptive)

****According to the behaviorists, disordered behavior is a result of ________

repressed thought and memories that try to resurface (a set of learned responses)

Which of the following culture-bound disorders is most commonly seen in latin america

ataque de nervious

***According to the biological perspective, generalized anxiety disorder is _____

the result of illogical, irrational thought process (linked to an imbalance in several neurotransmitters in the nervous system)

The primary purpose of the DMS is to _____

Help psychological professionals diagnose psychological disorders

Which of the following is an anxiety disorder


Phobic disorder

***Padma is extremely confident and feels that lately she needs very little sleep. In addition she reports that her thoughts seem to be going fast-similar to watching three television shows at once. Padma is most likely experiencing _____

A dysthymic episode (manic episode)

As a serious dancer, Justine watches what she eats. She knows that she is underweight, but fear that if she starts eating more, she will get fat. In addition to the preoccupation with food, she also stopped menstruating. Her behaviors suggest that she might be suffering from _____

Anorexia nervosa

***Severe depression that comes on suddenly and seems to have no external cause is called _____

Bipolar disorder (major depression)

In which disorder does a person seem to experience at least two or more distinct personalities existing in one body?

Dissociative identity disorder

Which of the following perspectives claims that shaping may play a big role in the development of some cases of dissociative identity disorder?


Nick is admitted to a mental institution because he hears voices talking to him that no one else can hear, and he sees demons attacking him, though no one else can see anything near him. Nick’s symptoms are known as ____


***What is the best way to describe the positive symptoms of schizophrenia?

Clearly identifiable symptoms (a decrease in normal functioning)

***Kevin shows a pattern of instability in his relationships, self-image, and feelings. As such, he most likely has ____ personality disorder

Dependent (borderline personality disorder)

Sal has decreased levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine in his frontal lobe areas. Which disorder might he be at risk of experiencing?


People with ____ disorders have an excessively rigid, maladaptive patter of behavior and ways of relating to others


****Which of the following reflect behavior aspects of test anxiety

excessive worrying, expecting to do poorly, and finding it hard to study in the first place (procrastination, avoiding studying or deficient study skills)

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