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Is the theory of motivation and which behavior is explained as a response to an external stimulus and it’s rewarding properties

Incentive approach

Hey propose a total of 18 instincts that drive human behavior

William mcdougall

A sales representative at a company that offers many incentives to employees include bonuses and free trips employees for good performances Phil is the highest performing rep at the company and has won the trip every year for four years Phil is probably motivated


Luke goes for a 3 mile run causing him to sweat and become thirsty in response to his need Luke drinks a bottle of water when he drinks he restores his body


And the psychological tension of physical arousal create it when there is a need that motivates the organism to act in order to fill the need and reduce the tension is called


What is a type of requirement for some material such as food or water that is essential for survival of the organism

A need

The motivation approach in which behavior is explained in terms of external stimulus and it’s rewarding properties is the

Incentive approach

Which of the following and stinks is responsible for our reaction to run away as we. Sense danger


Who originally proposed 18 instincts for humans

William McDugall

The theory of human motivation that considers three and born in universal needs- autonomy, competence, and relatedness- is the

Self-determination theory

Many arousal theorists Believe that a__ level of arousal is optimal for most people under normal circumstances


Lisa is the lead actor in a tearjerking play she spends most of her time onstage crying even that she feels happy and upbeat before the show she finds that she often feels down after the show this in example of which emotional theory

Facial feedback hypothesis

The condition in which the body way of a person is 20 to 30% over the ideal body weight for the persons height is known as


Kathy is a 54-year-old who has a difficult time losing weight which of the following cases is most likely responsible for Kathy’s difficult to lose weight

Kathy has a highway and setpoint

Mira refills hungry often intense Ivory as a result Mars daughter explain to her that her blood sugar level is currently very high and this has been the cause of an increase in a particular home on that can result in increased appetite and tendency to over eat the worm on that appears to be causing my Mira to over eat is called


Stacy is trying to find a parking spot in a busy parking lot she seems to find an open space and heads towards it but before she pulls in a car cuts her off and almost caused an accident during this time Stacy’s heart begins racing after moment later she realizes she is angry. what is this theory that best describes her reaction

James Lange theory

A babysitter must put the children to sleep in a dark and quiet home she hears that sounds like a door knob turning an hour before the parents are expected to be home makes her they never has a Shandra trying to break in according to Lazarus connotative meditational Theory how was the babysitters experience and motion in the situation

She would go to the door first to see what was causing the door knob to turn at the parents are home early she would feel really good but if it was a stranger she would be afraid

Liam was confronted by a large dog according to the Cannon Bard theory liam experienced

Figure and bodily reactions at the same time

The United States has the highest rate of a B city in the world. What percent of the world is obesity


Even if Lily eat a light breakfast she still feels hungry at noon example of

Classical conditioning

As the basal metabolism ____ with age the weight set point does what

Decrease; increase

Which of the following theorist along with his or her Cubleys have suggested a modification of Mas Lowe’s here heirarchy needs that incorporates aspects of voluntary about logical Anthropy and psychology

Douglas Kendrick

The approach to understanding motivation that suggest each person has an optimal level of tension is what kind of theory

Arousal theory

Psychological tension at physical arousal present when there is a need that motivates the organism to act in order to fill the need and reduce the tension is called


Marcus and Jeff decide to train together to participate in the triathlon Jeff is doing good because he likes a challenge but Marcus is only going to do it because he wants to win the prize money and terms of theory Marcus is being motivated by which drive

Secondary drive

In Extrinsicmotivation a person is motivated

To work for an outcome that is separated or external from themselves

According to Maslow’s here Arkie one cannot meet connotative needs until there what kind of needs are met

Self actualization

Claire is intrinsically motivated to play tennis why does she play

She enjoys the exercise in the game because playing is enjoyable it and awarding to her

Which of the following instincts is responsible for our reaction to run away if we sense danger


What is the theory about ovation in which behavior explain as a response to an external stimulus and rewarding properties

Incentive approach

Many arousal theorists believe that a ___ level of arousal is optimal for most people under normal circumstances

Gloria has many friends and is very popular at work in addition she continues to talk with her friends on the telephone and goes out with him several nights per week a psychologist would say


The theory of motivation in which social context of an action has an effect on the type of motivation existing for the action is known as

Self-determination theory

People driven by the need for____ have a strong desire to attend both realistic goals and very challenging ones


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